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The Emerson HMI-1TT3 has been discontinued.
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Prolong the life of your new air conditioner by adding this Refrigerant Safety Indicator. The indicator shows you the health of the liquid refrigerant, which should be dry all the time. If there is any moisture in the refrigerant, it will turn into a harsh acid and dissolve the insulating varnish from the compressor motor windings, shorting-out the compressor and ruining your system. The indicator will protect you from this by changing colors to indicate the system has a problem. Your AC technician can then correct the problem before it damages your equipment. The indicator easily fits inline with the 3/8" liquid line connected to your condenser.


  • The HMI was designed to provide an accurate method of determining the moisture content of a system's refrigerant
  • Unique 3% high accuracy moisture indicator for CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants, including R-410A


  • Fully Hermetic Design
  • 3% relative humidity indication compared to 10% paper indicators
  • Single indicator for all common refrigerants
  • Accurate color calibration at low ppm levels and higher temperatures
  • Wide angle viewing/high visibility window for ease of monitoring
  • All brass corrosion resistant body
  • Solid copper fittings


  • 3% relative humidity sensitivity
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 680 psig

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