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SpacePak AC-ZPMR-3

ZonePak 3-Zone Damper System, 9" Round, 24 Volt


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 ZonePak, a unique air-driven damper system, allows for the effortless installation of up to three custom comfort zones working off three independent thermostats all while utilizing a single air handler.  The select delivery of conditioned air satisfies thermostat needs quickly, allowing the air handler to run more efficiently and reducing overall energy consumption and costs.



  • 3 Zones with one air handler
  • Controls integrate with any secondary heat source
  • Reliable operation provided by air-driven dampers
  • Easy to install vinyl tubing
  • Simple 24 volt wiring
  • Quiet operation
  • Pre-programmed controls
  • Convenient packaged systems
  • Unmatched factory support


System includes:

  • (3) 9" Round plenum dampers
  • (3) 25' Hoses
  • (3) Cut-out templates
  • Control panel
  • 24 Volt transformer

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