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The TurboTorch TX500 has been discontinued.
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This hand torch by TurboTorch solders up to 4" pipes and brazes up to 2" pipes with propane / MAPP gas (not included; sold at local home stores). The Extreme® swirl tip concentrates heat and reduces heating time, and the diaphragm regulator provides high gas flow for maximum temperatures.  This torch comes with a three year warranty.

If you are using this torch for soldering air conditioning / heat pump copper linesets, then you'll need to purchase MAPP gas from your local home store. MAPP gas burns hotter than propane or a newer gas called "MAPP/Pro". Do not use propane or MAPP/Pro, since the flame won't be hot enough to adequately braze.

You will also want to purchase the appropriate brazing rod.

CAUTION: When brazing pipes into air conditioning condenser or heat pump, first tie a wet rag around the service valves to dissipate heat. If this isn't done, there are small rubber O-rings in the valves which can melt and cause refrigerant leaks. If you aren't familiar with using a torch, for your safety have your air conditioning contractor perform this task for you. Wear proper eye and hand protection when operating a torch.


Included in the TurboTorch TX500 Box:
  • Self-Igniting hand torch
  • Size 3 tip - perfect for smaller sizes (1/2" and smaller) and soft soldering applications
  • Size 4 tip - will braze up to 2" pipes and soft solder up to 4" pipes