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The Honeywell FH8000A1620 has been discontinued.
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Closed Thur 11/26 - Sun 11/29, Reopen Mon 11/30 8am, CT

TrueCLEAN Enhanced Air Cleaners deliver cleaner air by taking a high-airflow media filter and enhancing it with electronic technology. The result is a MERV 15 efficiency that actually improves over time.

Charge. Capture. Destroy. That’s the basis of the three-step process that TrueCLEAN uses to capture and deactivate up to 99% of airborne particles and contaminants passing through the system such as viruses and bacteria (3 - 10 microns in size). Here’s how it works.

Particles enter the TrueCLEAN system through an array of ionizing points, where they become electrically charged. The unique design charges all particles evenly.

Next, particles travel into the media filter, where they’re captured in the media fibers. A continuous charge ensures dirt is loaded 360 degrees around the filter fibers — not just on the face of the filter. This process captures more particles than a standard media filter and helps the filter last longer.

Once particles are captured, the charging strips on opposite sides of the carbon-tipped media filter continue to charge and deactivate particles. Particles are trapped and destroyed inside the filter, with deactivation rates of captured particles exceeding 99%.

Note: This model operates on 208/230 Vac, and is intended for air handler installations.

Rated Air Flow
1350 CFM
Static Pressure Drop
0.22 in. w.c.
Opening Dimensions
19 7/8 W x 15 3/8 H inches
22 1/4 Inches
11 1/4 Inches
18 5/8 Inches
Limited Warranty
5 Years