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AC Installation Guide - 7

Install Line Set

Objective:  The line set consists of two refrigerant lines that connect the condensing unit to the evaporator coil.   To complete this part of the installation, connect the line set to the condensing unit and run it inside along the ceiling toward the evaporator coil.  Your EPA-certified contractor will complete the installation. 

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  1.  Roll out suction line (the larger, insulated line) holding one end down with your foot.
  2.  Peel back a few feet of insulation on one end of line and cut off with knife. (The amount you peel back should be about the same length as the distance between the hole in your house and the condensing unit.) Set insulation aside.
  3.  Push enough of the suction line through the hole in the house to reach the condensing unit.  If you push too much through, you can cut the line later. 
  4.  Run suction line along the ceiling towards the evaporator coil. 
  5.  Secure suction line to ceiling using line set mounting brackets. Use two screws on each side of bracket to hold in place.  Use as many brackets as needed to firmly secure suction line. 
  6.  Outside, the suction line may need to be redirected towards the condensing unit.  To redirect the line, it must be cut and then fitted back together with 45-degree and/or 90-degree copper fittings (whichever best fits your application - you may need to use both).  The suction line is slightly malleable, but sharply bending the line to redirect may cause it to kink.
  7.  Using a tube cutter, cut the suction line near the hole in your house.  Make sure that the length of the suction line you cut off is long enough to reach the condensing unit.
  Continued from Step 7.
  8.  Attach either a 90-degree or 45-degree copper fitting to the end of the suction line where it protrudes from hole in house.  (Use whichever fitting is necessary to redirect the line appropriately.)
  Continued from Step 8.
  9.  Reattach the piece of piping cut off from the end.   
10.  As in this example, both a 90-degree and 45-degree copper fitting are used to redirect the suction line to the condensing unit.  You may need to cut the pipe twice and use two fittings. 
  11.  Redirect the pipe to the condensing unit.   
12.  Press the suction line into the suction line surface valve on the condensing unit. 

Tip: Keep suction and liquid lines clean inside.  These are sensitive environments when the air conditioning runs.  Cleanliness and dryness are important for proper air conditioning operation.

Tip:  When bending copper, be careful not to crimp or kink it.  If you do accidentally crimp or kink it, the pipe is not unsalvageable.  Straighten out the piping, splice it with the tube cutter and rejoin the cut ends with a copper coupling. 

  13.  Back inside home, run the smaller liquid line (smaller of the two lines in line set) out through hole in house.  Push enough of the line through to reach the condensing unit. 
  14.  Run the liquid line along the suction line and through the same line set mounting brackets already secured in place. 
  15.  Outside, use slight pressure to bend the liquid line and run it towards the condensing unit.  Copper fittings are not necessary to bend the liquid line. 
  16.  Attach the liquid line to the liquid line surface valve on the condensing unit by pressing it into place.
  17.  Back inside, trim liquid line with a tube cutter several inches longer than necessary to reach the evaporator coil. 
  18.  Using a knife, cut the insulation off the end of the suction line. 
  19.  Trim suction line with tube cutter several inches longer than needed to attach to evaporator coil. 
  20.  Leave refrigerant lines hanging for contractor to solder connections.    

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