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Air Conditioning System Protectors
Air Conditioning System Protectors
Liquid line and suction line filter-driers are often referred to as System Protectors because they remove harmful elements from the circulating refrigerant before serious damage results.

Keeping the system clean and free of foreign contaminants that can restrict the operation of valves, block capillary tubes or damage compressors is the best way to assure trouble-free operation. These contaminants can be solids, such as metal filings, flux, dust and dirt. Other equally menacing contaminants are solubles, such as acid, water, resins and wax.

No matter how many precautions are taken during assembly and installation or servicing of a system, contaminants can find a way into the system. Filter-driers are designed to protect a system during operation. It is the function of this all-important unit to remove those residual elements that can attack and eventually destroy the system components.
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Alpine AG-BFLDR38 popular
1.5 - 5 Ton Biflow Filter Dryer for 3/8" Liquid Line (For AC or Heat Pump)

$ 50.99
Alpine AG-SDR118
1.5 - 8.5 Ton Filter Dryer for 1 1/8" Suction Line (Condenser Use Only - Not Heat Pump)

$ 60.99
Alpine AG-SLT034
3/4" Suction Line Oil Trap

$ 52.99
Alpine AG-SLT078
7/8" Suction Line Oil Trap

$ 43.99
Alpine AG-SLT118
1 1/8" Suction Line Oil Trap

$ 53.99
Diversitech DAD083S
3/8" Liquid Line Filter Drier Sweat 8 Cubic Inch

$ 16.99
Goodman HTP-A
High Temperature Drain Pan for Goodman A Chassis Evaporator Coils

$ 39.99
Goodman HTP-B
High Temperature Drain Pan for Goodman B Chassis Evaporator Coils

$ 39.99
Goodman HTP-C popular
High Temperature Drain Pan for Goodman C Chassis Evaporator Coils

$ 44.99
Goodman HTP-D
High Temperature Drain Pan for Goodman D Chassis Evaporator Coils

$ 50.99
Honeywell FPC popular
Freeze Protection Control

$ 30.99
Parker Hannifin VAB3SS
3/8 Inch ODF Line Set Vibration Eliminator

$ 29.99
Parker Hannifin VAB9SS
1 1/8 Inch ODF Line Set Vibration Eliminator

$ 48.99
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