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Hotel-Style Heating and Cooling Units (PTAC)

Amana PTH 07
These heating and cooling units are the through-the-wall style that are often found in hotels, schools, nursing homes and similar buildings with rooms that require independant heating / cooling equipment. They can also be used for residential applications.
  • Air Conditioning w/ High-Efficiency Electric Heat (Heat Pump), PTAC
    • These PTAC units have cooling and high efficiency electric heat. The units have two stages of heat which are controlled automatically. The first stage of heat is a heat pump (the AC runs in reverse to provide heating), which is about 300% more electrically efficient when heating compared to electric heater coils. Stage two of heat is the backup electric heater coils, which come on only if it is below about 30°F outside to provide supplemental heat. The PTAC units in this category will allow you to have lower electrical consumption and enjoy lower utility bills.
    Amana PTH 07
  • Air Conditioning w/ Electric Heat, PTAC
    • These PTAC units provide heating and cooling. Heat is provided by internal electric heater coils.
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  • Accessories for Hotel-Style Heating and Cooling Units (PTAC)
    • Accessories for hotel-style heating and cooling units such as thermostats, drain kits, outdoor grilles, wall sleeves, outdoor louvers and retrofit kits.