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Infrared Heaters
Infrared heating works because feeling warm does not depend on the temperature of the air.  Just like the sun helps you feel warm on a cold day, infrared heating warms the surface of an object with infrared rays.  Unlike other harmful rays such as x-rays or UV light, infrared rays have a positive effect on people.  When infrared rays penetrate the skin they stimulate micro-vibrations, causing blood vessels to dialate.  The results are revitalized tissue and improved blood circulation. Infrared heating is used in many applications.  Commonly used for spot heating areas such as a garage, workshop, or porch, they are also used to keep snow or ice from building up on sidewalks. 

Infrared Spot Heaters

Select if:

  • You are adding or replacing an infrared heater.
    And / or...
  • You would like a heater that heats an object directly, which releases heat by convection to raise ambient temperature.
  • You would like spot heating for a specific area such as a workshop, porch, or garage.
  • You would like a heater to control ice and snow on a sidewalk.
Fostoria Red Vycor Sleeve

Infrared Heater Accessories

Select if:

  • You need accessories for an infrared heater such as replacement lamps, wire guards, vycor sleeves, or mounting hardware.
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