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Natural Gas or LP Self-Contained Furnaces w/ Air Conditioning

These fully self-contained 80+% efficiency furnaces and air conditioners are pre-charged with refrigerant and ready to be used for rooftop or ground mount residential or commercial applications. Your building’s air ducting connects to the unit’s side or bottom – your choice. Units operate on 220 volts and natural gas (or propane convertible with available LP kit). Heating and cooling capacities are paired appropriately on all models. Cooling capacities range from 2 to 5 tons. Cooling efficiencies are 13 SEER or 15 SEER (the higher the SEER, the lower your electric bill will be when operating the unit). (These self-contained units are different from a split-system type of outdoor unit. Split-systems have an indoor and outdoor piece of equipment which are connected together by piped lineset.)

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