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Furnace Hot-Surface Ignitors
Product Image
Furnace hot surface ignitors are found on most modern furnaces to light the gas flames upon unit start-up. Electricity passes through the Silicon Carbide or the newer Silicon Nitride ignitor and makes it glow red hot. Operating under normal conditions a hot surface ignitor will last for 3 to 5 years (Silicone Nitride lasts about twice as long). During that time ignitors will eventually crack and need to be replaced. Like a light bulb, they are a regular replacement item. Most ignitors are interchangeable as long as they fit in the furnace space provided. Select your ignitor by looking at the one you have, and comparing it to the photos of ignitors here; select the one most similar. Also, you can use our easy chart to assist you. If when selecting your replacement hot surface ignitor you don't find the exact base and connector combination, keep in mind that most ignitors include ceramic wire nuts to adapt. (Please note that ignitors are very fragile and can easily break during installation if not handled carefully.)
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Diversitech IGN-1F
TrueStart™ Universal Flat Hot Surface Ignitor Kit

$ 31.99
Diversitech IGN-1R
TrueStart™ Universal Flat Hot Surface Ignitor Kit

$ 33.99
Diversitech IGN-2
Wolverine Hot Surface Igniter by TrueStart

$ 29.99
Evcon S1-32541021000
Hot Surface Ignitor for DGAA and DGAH Furnaces

$ 26.99
Goodman 0230K00001
Replacement Goodman Mini Ignitor With Bracket

$ 39.99
Honeywell Q3200U1004
Glowfly™ Universal Silicon Nitride Hot Surface Ignitor

$ 24.99
White-Rodgers 21D64-2
Replace Your Ignitor With Silicon Nitride Type That Lasts 3 Times Longer!

$ 31.99
White-Rodgers 767A-357
Replaces White Rodgers 767A-303, 767A-353

$ 32.99
White-Rodgers 767A-361
Replaces Norton 41-405, 271D, 201D

$ 31.99
White-Rodgers 767A-369
Replaces Norton 41-401, 271A, 201A, Amana D99182

$ 29.99
White-Rodgers 767A-370
Replaces Norton 41-409,Trane IGN26, Carrier LH33ZS 002

$ 29.99
White-Rodgers 767A-371 popular
Replaces Norton 41-402, 271N, 271W, 201W, Rheem 62-22441-01

$ 29.99
White-Rodgers 767A-372 popular
Replaces Norton 41-408, Rheem 62-22441-01, Trane IGN0054

$ 29.99
White-Rodgers 767A-373 popular
Replaces Norton 41-412, 271NM, Goodman, ICP

$ 22.99
White-Rodgers 767A-374
Replaces Norton 41-406, 271Y, 201Y, Weil McLain

$ 33.99
White-Rodgers 767A-376
Replaces Norton 41-407 and Trane IGN30

$ 29.99
White-Rodgers 767A-380
Replaces Norton 41-604

$ 30.99
White-Rodgers 767A-381
Replaces Norton / Robertshaw 41-406

$ 31.99
White-Rodgers 767A-382
Replaces Norton 41-404, 271, 201, American Std. IGN0030, Snyder General 1380654

$ 27.99
White-Rodgers 767A-383
Replaces Norton 41-411 and Rheem 62-22868-82

$ 27.99
White-Rodgers 768A-842
Replaces White-Rodgers 768A-2, Amana 11111701

$ 30.99
White-Rodgers 768A-843
Replaces White-Rodgers / Thermo Products 768A-143

$ 30.99
White-Rodgers 768A-844
Replaces White-Rodgers 768A-4, Lennox 41K5601

$ 30.99
White-Rodgers 768A-845
Replaces White-Rodgers 768A-5, Trane B340970P01

$ 30.99
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