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Chimney Relining Kits

Chimney liners are used to protect the inside of a masonry chimney from wear and tear caused by wet conditions. Moisture, over time, will cause decay and corrosion of mortar, clay, and brick liners. How? Moisture reacts with the exhaust gases to form an acid that slowly "eats away" at the chimney. Moisture also, can collect and seep into cracks, mortar and bricks. In colder climates, this moisture will freeze, expand and then thaw, thus causing chunks of the chimney to break and crumble. There are also times where moisture can actually drip back into your appliance causing the unit to corrode or rust. Chimney liners also reduce the size of the flue opening, which is important for venting appliances with low stack temperatures (a characteristic of today's higher efficiency appliances). Smaller flue openings require less heat to create the chimney effect which draws combustion byproducts to the outside. Our chimney liners are constructed of aluminum or stainless steel. Aluminum liners are used in gas installations only (not wood or oil), where there are lower flue temperatures and less corrosive gases. Stainless steel liners can be used for heating appliances that operate on all types of fuel, including wood, oil, and gas. All relining kits are available in a variety of diameters and lengths to fit your needs.
  • Aluminum Chimney Relining Kits
    Select if:
    • You are venting a natural gas fired heater that vents into a chimney you need to reline.
  • Aluminum Chimney Liner Accessories
    Select if:
    • You want a "leader-cone" that will make it easier to pull or drop the chimney liner down a less-than-straight chimney.
      and / or...
    • You want to add an additional 10 feet to an aluminum chimney liner kit.
  • Stainless Steel Venting Accessories
    Select if:
    • You are looking for accessories for your stainless steel relining kits.
      and / or...
    • You are looking for stainless steel vent pipes.

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