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Our thermostat selection includes manual and digital thermostats with advanced features such as telephone and internet accessibility, humidity sensing, backlit displays and more!
  • Digital Thermostats
    • Digital thermostats provide enhanced temperature sensing capabilities making them more accurate at maintaining your indoor temperatures. Additionally they may include features such as programmable schedules, programmable fans, backlit displays, humidity sensing and more.
  • Manual Thermostats
    • Manual thermostats provide basic control over room and/or house temperature settings. A typical manual thermostat has a toggle switch between cool / heat and off positions. Manual thermostats do not provide advanced temperature controls such as programs, humidity sensors or other features found on some digital thermostats.
  • Commercial Thermostats
    • Commercial thermostats are suited to applications beyond the demands of residential equipment. Digital controllers and logic modules, thermostats, manual controllers, and pneumatic thermostats can control temperatures more precisely and can handle air coming through more complex ducting than residential thermostats.