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Solder / Brazing Rods
Use for brazing copper-to-copper air conditioning refrigerant lines. 15% silver content in solder gives it a "thick" flow point that makes it useful for filling small gaps. No flux is needed with this solder. Tensile strength is very strong, more so than plumbing soft solder which is not recommended for air conditioning piping. Brazing temperature range should be 1,000-1,700 degrees Fahrenheit, which can be achieved with an oxygen/acetylene torch (preferred since it is hottest) or MAPP gas torch. (Do not use "MAPP/Pro" gas as it won't create a hot enough flame.)
CAUTION: When brazing pipes into air conditioning condenser or heat pump, first tie a wet rag around the service valves to dissipate heat. If this isn't done, there are small rubber O-rings in the valves which can melt and cause refrigerant leaks. If you aren't familiar with using a torch, for your safety have your air conditioning contractor perform this task for you. Wear proper eye and hand protection when operating a torch.
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