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Tools Composite Make your equipment installation a breeze with these hand tools.  Cut sheet metal and copper tubing to size with our copper tubing cutter and sheet metal sheers.  In an air conditioning installation, copper tubing cutters are used to cut your line set the proper size (the line set runs between your air conditioning unit and evaporator coil and is used to circulate refrigerant). Making clean cuts in the copper tubing ensures a clean environment for refrigerant to circulate through. With a humidifier, the cutters are used to cut 1/4" copper water tubing.   Sheet metal sheers are used to make even cuts in the sheet metal used to house the evaporator coil - a major component of the air conditioning system. Sheet metal shears are used for humidifiers to cut the plenum hole and any attaching sheet metal pipe (if installing a bypass-type humidifier.)  Sheet metal is extremely sharp and should be handled with care.  Using the proper tools helps make the job both easier and safer.  Remember: most jobs are easy if you have the right tools!
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AOSafety 91251
Impact Goggles

$ 2.99
Custom Leathercraft G351
Foam Gel Knee Pads

$ 45.99
Imperial 174-FSP
3/8" to 1 1/8" Copper Tubing Cutter

$ 55.99
Malco 12F popular
12 Inch Sheet Metal Bender

$ 15.99
Malco 18F
18 Inch Sheet Metal Bender

$ 20.99
Malco FDC1
Flex Duct Cutter

$ 217.99
Malco FDC2
Flex Duct Shears

$ 36.99
Malco HC1 popular
2 Inch to 12 Inch Diameter Hole Cutter

$ 51.99
Malco HC1B
Replacement Malco HC1 & HC2 Pivot Pin Set

$ 9.99
Malco HC2 popular
2 Inch to 20 Inch Diameter Hole Cutter

$ 63.99
Malco M2001
Sheet Metal Shears - Cut Left and Straight

$ 25.99
Malco M2003
Sheet Metal Shears - Cut Left, Right and Straight

$ 103.99
16-Piece Ductwork Tool Set with Tool Bag

$ 424.99
Malco TS1
TurboShear™ TS1 Accessory Head for Power Drills

$ 47.99
Red Devil Inc. 4203
1.5" Putty Knife

$ 3.99
Red Devil Inc. 4210
3" Spackle Knife

$ 5.99
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