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Hydronic Air Handlers

A hydronic air handler installs in the home and connects to the ductwork to provide heating and / or cooling (optional) indoors. The air handler is completely preassembled, and consists primarily of a multi-speed or variable-speed fan, built-in heat exchanger, and electrical controls. Depending on the model, they can be installed vertically, horizontally or in a downflow orientation.  To provide heating, hydronic air handlers must be connected to a hot water source such as a tankless water heater.  For these air handlers to provide cooling, a seperate outdoor condenser must also be installed.
  • Hydronic Air Handlers
    Select if:
    • You are adding or replacing a hydronic air handler.
      And / or...
    • Your air handler will be located inside the home, attic, crawlspace, basement, etc.
    • You will be connecting your air handler to a hot water source to provide heat.
    • Your air handler will be attatched to ductwork that distributes the air through the home.
    • You have 220 volts AC available.
  • Hydronic Air Handler Accessories
    Select if:
    • You need accessories for a hydronic air handler such as a bottom fill plate or side filter rack.

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