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Specialty Fans
(DB-2) Duct Booster-Front

Air Boosters

Select if:

  • You have a room is too hot or too cold
    And / or...
  • You need to improve air delivery to any room in a home or office
  • You need to add air flow to room additions
  • You have undersized branch ducts
Whole House Fan Illustration

Ceiling Mounted Whole House Fans

Select if:

  • You are adding or replacing a ceiling mounted whole house fan
    And / or...
  • You would like a fan that pulls in fresh air from the outside through open windows in your home, and exhausts that air through vents in the roof.
Ventamatic Gable Mount Attic Vent Fan 2

Attic Vent Fans

Select if:

  • You are adding or replacing an attic vent fan.
    And / or...
  • You would like to keep your attic cooler in the summer. This will lower you air conditioning costs and make the home more comfortable without the use of air conditioining.
Fantech PB110

Bathroom Fans

Select if:

  • You want to add or replace a bathroom fan.


Fantech FQ 80

Exhaust Fans

Select if: 

  • You want to add or replace an exhaust fan.
Fantech FG 10

Inline Fans

Select if: 

  • You want to add or replace an inline fan.
Fantech HP 175

Radon Fans

Select if:

  • You want to add or replace a radon fan.


Fantech DG 4

Fan Accessories

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