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Filtration Manufacturing AirGorilla PCO/UV N-Duct
Ultraviolet Air Purifier System

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AirGorilla™ combines the power of two highly regarded contaminant fighting technologies: ultraviolet light and PCO (photocatalytic oxidation).  The PCO/UV N-Duct™ utilizes two, Dual-Radiant™ germicidal ultraviolet lamps that produce a total of 210 microwatts of contaminant killing power (measured at 1mtr.).  In addition, the UV lamps illuminate a unique photocatalytic filter of nano-technology titanium dioxide that provides higher levels of destruction and on a broader range of contaminants.  As air circulates through the air duct system and passes the PCO/UV N-Duct™ unit, these powerful technologies destroy airborne bacteria, mold, fungi, viruses, volatile organic compounds & odors.

AirGorilla's PCO/UV N-Duct™ unit is designed for ease of installation and service.  Cut just one hole and install.  The unit never needs to be "un-installed" to replace the UV lamps.  Simply open the door to change them when needed.  Thanks to the innovative display panel and micro-circuitry, there is no guesswork if the UV lamps are working or if they need to be replaced.

  • Two 16”, dual radiant UV lamps produce over five times the intensity and 50% greater coverage area than the typical 12-15” UV lamp installed in a duct system
  • The nano-technology titanium dioxide mesh grid produces maximum destruction of airborne pollutants with minimum resistance to airflow
  • Easily installed - only cut one 5" x 11" hole
  • Maintenance free - lamp and filter screen never need cleaning
  • Lethal to viruses and bacteria, except some spores
  • Destroys volatile organic compounds, eliminates odors
  • Extensive warranty - five years for unit and 9,000 hours for lamps
  • Front panel provides operational status
  • Does not produce ozone

Included in the Filtration Manufacturing AirGorilla PCO/UV N-Duct Box:
  • PCO/UV N-Duct™ System with PCO filter attatched
  • 2 Dual-Radiant™ ultraviolet lamps
  • Mounting template
  • Installation instructions
  • Owner's manual
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