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Honeywell UV100E1043
Single Lamp UV Air Purifier - Mounts on Return Air Duct

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When installed in the ductwork of the system, the Honeywell UV100E1043 Air Treatment System kills up to 70% of airborne bacteria passing by the system.  The Honeywell UV100E1043 system uses patented SmartLamp™ control technology that monitors the HVAC system to operate the lamp only when needed.  This technology extends bulb life up to five times and reduces power consumption, lowering operating costs.  The Honeywell UV100E1043 system also includes local diagnostics with the SmartLamp™ LED and reset capability.

  • Ultraviolet light penetrates microorganisms and breaks down molecular bonds causing cellular and / or genetic damage
  • Germs are killed or sterilized, leaving them unlikely to reproduce
  • Honeywell UV bulbs are made from sodium-barium silicate and don't produce ozone
  • SmartLamp™ technology provides extended lamp life by turning on with airflow and turning off 30 minutes after airflow stops
  • SnapLamp™ feature reduces bulb costs by reusing the bulb handle
  • LED bulb change indicator
  • Sealed unit prevents accidental installer / homeowner contact with high voltage and ultraviolet rays
  • Safe design prevents lamp from lighting unless base is correctly mounted on HVAC duct

Your order will also include Alpine's exclusive free installation video on DVD! Watch as a pro installs the UV purifier, and shows you how to do the same. You'll have all your questions answered as you see how fast and extrememly easy it is to install.

Included in the Honeywell UV100E1043 Box:
  • (1) Owner's Manual
  • (1) Installation Manual
  • (3) Warning Label Stickers
  • (1) Bulb Assembly
  • (1) Base
  • (3) Screws

Instructions & Brochures

Honeywell UV100E Product Data (pdf, 1.20 MB)
Honeywell UV100E Manual (PDF, 637 KB)

Learn More

Honeywell Purifiers Comparisons and Benefits (pdf, 1.65 MB)


Your New House - Featuring Honeywell Products (wmv, 4.14 MB)
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