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Goodman GMNTE100-4
The Goodman GMNTE100-4 has been discontinued.
Please call us for a suitable alternate product.

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This is a Downflow / Horizontal / Upflow unit. Learn More
The GMNTE multi-position condensing gas furnace with two-stage heating and variable-speed circulating blower reduces operating costs and advances home comfort by eliminating temperature swings and stratification from floor-to-ceiling and room-to-room. The GMNTE variable-capacity furnace smoothly ramps up or down – based on the demands of the home – to keep temperature consistent at all times. The GMNTE features our patented, seamless, aluminized steel tubular heat exchanger and stainless steel recuperative coil and is completely assembled at our factory and run-tested for heating or combination heating/cooling applications. With its heavy-gauge, reinforced, wrap-around insulated steel cabinet and durable baked enamel finish; this unit can be installed in a utility room, closet, alcove, basement or attic. All model designs are certified by ITS to comply with ANSI Z21.47 and CAN/CSA 2.3 safety standards. Additionally, the units comply with California NOX standards.

  • 2-stage gas valve, multi-speed induced draft blower and variable-speed circulating blower combine to supply quiet, efficient, long-lasting operation
  • Runs extra quietly on low-stage 90% of the time, producing just 25% of the normal high-fire sound
  • Runs quietly and efficiently slower for longer periods of time so air filters can remove more impurities
  • Utilizes GE’s efficient variable-speed ECM
  • Low constant fan setting costs about as much as a 75-watt light bulb
  • Corrosion-resistant, seamless, aluminized primary heat exchanger and stainless steel secondary recuperative coil
  • Bottom or side air inlet
  • Left- or right-hand connection for gas service
  • Right-hand connection for electric service
  • Removable solid bottom base
  • Integrated furnace control with diagnostics
  • Aluminized steel inshot burners
  • Multi-position to fit any application
  • Reliable Hot Surface Ignition system
  • Drain kit contains vent screens, drain trap, hoses and clamps
  • For direct vent (2 pipe) or non-direct vent (1 pipe) installations


Configuration is the direction the conditioned air will pass through the unit.

Upflow units will have the air come in from the bottom and blow out the top.

Horizontal units will have the air go through the unit left to right, or right to left.

Downflow units will have the air come in from the top of the unit, and blow out the bottom.

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Upflow / Downflow / Horizontal
High Heating Capacity
100000/91500 Input BTUs
Low Heating Capacity
70000/64000 Input BTUs
Blower Cooling Capacity

The tonnage of air conditioning that can be moved effectively by the blower. You want to make sure that the blower is appropriately sized for the air conditioner. If it is too small the coil could ice up. If it is too large than the air coming out of the ducts won't be cold enough.

Blower Cooling Capacity
1.5 / 4 Tons
21 Inches
28 Inches
46 Inches
Heat Exchanger Warranty
Parts Warranty
5 Years

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