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This device is perfect for remotely monitoring and controlling the temperatures of a vacation home, cabin, hanger, or commercial building. With the Thermostat Phone Dialer, you can be at one location and by phone change the temperature of your remote building to a desired preset temperature before you arrive there. The Thermostat Phone Dialer also gives you the ability to maintain a minimum temperature, with the added feature of being alerted by phone if the building temperature falls below a certain safe-point. This feature can save you from extensive property damage should the building temperature ever fall below freezing which could cause water pipes to burst.

To function, the Thermostat Phone Dialer needs to be connected to two thermostats (not included) of your choice as indicated in the installation instructions.

    The Thermostat Phone Dialer features the following:
  • Adjustable high/low temperature alarm set-pints
  • Three telephone numbers it can call out to in temperature emergency, up to 16 digits each
  • Paging feature - any or all of the call-to numbers can be to digital numbers
  • Power loss call out alarm
  • Low battery call out alarm
  • Remote access to programming menu and current condition status
  • Monitors open and closed contact
  • Battery back-up (9 volt-not included)
  • Remote control swith / temp relay
  • Location identification
  • Selectable 15 minute or 2 hour call interval
  • Selectable 10 or 2 ring out
  • Security coded access to programming menu
  • Dials out in pulse
  • LED status indicators
  • Phone line status check

Phone Monitoring Capability

Allows you monitor the temperature in your home remotely from a touch tone phone.

Phone Monitoring Capability
Phone Control Capability

Allows you to raise or lower the temperature in your home remotely from a touch tone phone.

Phone Control Capability
Power Method

Indicates if the thermostat operates electrically on batteries or power from the furnace/air handler.

Power Method
110v Outlet
Power Backup
6 Inches
2 1/2 Inches
Limited Warranty
1 Year

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