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The Emerson 5471 has been discontinued.
Please call us for a suitable alternate product.

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These Direct Drive 4-Speed, Multi-Horsepower, 5.6" Open Replacement Motors can be used to replace most furnace and air handler blower motors from 1/6 to 1/2 HP(horsepower) by changing the capacitors (not included) and speeds.

  • 4-Speed: 1075 rpm
  • Air over
  • Automatic thermal overload
  • 36" motor leads
  • Counter Clock Wise Lead End (CCWLE)
  • Reversible
  • Uses 5.0, 7.5, 10 or 20 Mfd. capacitor
  • 4.1 FLA (Full load amps)
  • 230v Motor


The amps that the unit is designed to operate at.

4.1 Amps

The number of speeds a motor runs at. Motors with 4 speeds can run at High, Medium High, Medium Low, and Low. Motors with 2 speeds can run at either high or low speed.

Horse Power

The amount of power generated by the motor. One horsepower (HP) is equivalent to 746 watts.

Horse Power
1/5 - 3/4 HP
Revolutions Per Minute

Rotational speed in revolutions per minute

Revolutions Per Minute
1,075 RPM

Basic types include: Sleeve - Preferred where low noise level is important, as on fan and blower motors. Unless otherwise stated, sleeve bearing motors listed can be mounted in any position, including shaft-up or shaft-down. Ball - Used where higher load capacity, either axial or radial, is required or where shaft speed is lower than 500 RPM. Shields, metal rings with close running clearance one one side (sigle-shielded) or both sides (double-shielded) of bearing, and seals, which are similar except with rubber lips that press against inner race, more effectively excluding dirt, ect., are two barriers used to keep out dirt.


The temperature of the space around motor. Measured in Celcius (40 degrees celcius equals 104 F).

40 Degree Celcius

Resilient Mounting - Sometimes called rubber or hub mounted - motor shell is isolated from base by vibration absorbing material, such as rubber rings on the end shields, to reduce transmission of vibration to the housing of the unit or appliance. Stud Mounting - Motor has bolts extending from from front or rear, by which it is mounted. Often used on small, direct drive fans and blowers.

Stud/Resilient Rings

Type of motor this model replaces.

208 - 230V 3/4 to 1/5 H.P. Gas or Electric Furnace Motors
Shaft Dimensions

Width of the shaft (usually 1/2") x the Length of the shaft.

Shaft Dimensions
1/2 x 5 Inches
Thermal Overload Protection

A temperature or current sensing device usually integral within the motor, that disconnects the motor winding from its power source to prevent overheating due to overload or failure to start. Automatic Reset(Auto) - After Motor cools, protector automatically restores power. Should not be used where unexpected restarting would be hazardous.

Thermal Overload Protection
208 / 230 Volts
60 Hz

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