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Alpine Installation DVD

Installation DVD

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Alpine’s exclusive DVD videos make your product installations easy! Watch as a pro tackles 7 different projects from start-to-finish and explains to you in easy-to-understand language how you can perform the jobs successfully, too. Each video show you the tools and supplies necessary to install your new equipment, as well as tradesman hints and techniques to make the job go smoothly. Over 5 hours of installation videos all on one DVD. All of these great videos are included:

  • How to Install a Humidifier
  • How to Install Central Air Conditioning
  • How to Install Starter Ductwork
  • How to Install an Air Cleaner
  • How to Install a Fresh Air Exchanger
  • How to Install an Ultraviolet Purifier
  • How to Make a Sheet Metal Transition

You can’t get these videos anywhere else! Get your DVD today by either ordering a video-related product, or purchase the DVD by itself. Look for the DVD icon below a product's price on a product page - if you see it, the DVD is included free. Or, you can purchase all 7 videos on one DVD for just $49.99 today by clicking the "Buy Now" button above.

100% Money-back Guarantee
If you buy the DVD and then within 30 days purchase a qualifying heating or cooling product from us we'll reimburse you $49.99 for the DVD. (DVD cannot be returned for a refund if equipment is not purchased.)

Important: If you are purchasing a product which qualifies you to receive the free DVD, *please do not add* this DVD product to your shopping cart. When you purchase a qualifying product, your free installation video will automatically be included with your order. Thank you!