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Crown Boiler Company BSI172SN

172,000 BTU, Steam Boiler, 80.6% Efficiency, Standing Pilot, Natural Gas


The BSI series boilers are low pressure cast iron gas fired steam boilers designed for use in closed steam heating systems. These boilers are Category I draft diverter equipped appliances, which must be vented by natural draft using a lined masonry or listed metal chimney system. An adequate supply of air for combustion, ventilation and dilution of flue gases must be available in the boiler room. These boilers are not designed for use in process or other “open” steam systems.

Please read this Important Safety Notice

Standard Features

  • Factory tested for flame quality, leaks, control system operation and overall performance
  • “Redundant” gas valve
  • Spill switch detects venting problems
  • Rollout switch detects heat exchanger blockage
  • Gauge glass
  • ASME pop safety valve (set at 15 psi.)
  • Can be installed on combustible floors
  • Cast iron heat exchanger with a 12-year limited warranty
  • Stainless steel burners with a lifetime limited warranty
  • Tappings permit installation of Mega-Stor indirect water heater
  • Isolation relay simplifies thermostat wiring
  • Appliance quality, powder-coated jacket
  • Fiber-glass insulation to minimize wasteful heat loss
  • Base and flue constructed of aluminized steel for corrosion resistance
  • Drain valve
  • Built-in draft diverter allows boiler to fit into low spaces
  • Ten sizes from 69,000 to 379,000 BTU input to serve a range of applications from small residential to commercial

Heating Capacity

The amount of heat, rated in BTUs that the item can produce.

Heating Capacity
172000 BTU
Effective Heating Capacity (BTUs)
IBR Rating Steam
107000 BTUs
Water Volume
9.3 Gallons
Efficiency (% AFUE)

The percentage of energy converted into output by the unit. The remaining percentage is lost during the conversion process. The higher the efficiency, the lower the operational cost.

Efficiency (% AFUE)
80.6 %
Water Piping Connections
2 inches
Flue Vent
6 inches
Product Weight
589 lbs
Meets CSA Standards

Canadian Standards Association

Meets CSA Standards
Meets Canadian OEE Standards

Standards established by Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency.

Meets Canadian OEE Standards
22 1/2 Inches
28 Inches
40 11/25 Inches
Cast Iron Sections Warranty
12 Years
Parts Warranty
1 Years