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Fantech DM3000P

240 CFM Duct Mounted Whole-House HEPA Air Cleaner

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Airborne particulates such as dust, dander, pollen and spores, as well as contaminants from cleaning chemicals, cosmetics, paint, carpet and plastics can make indoor air unhealthy to breathe. These air pollutants travel through your heating/cooling system 4-5 times every hour. The HEPA Air Cleaner connects to your system’s return air duct and diverts 1/3 to 1/2 of this dirty air through a tightly sealed 3-stage filtration system. All the air in your home can be cleaned through the filter as many as 67 times per day depending on your house size and model chosen. The Fantech Whole House HEPA is ideal for homes up to 3,600 square feet.

  • The Fantech Whole-House HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Air Cleaner captures 99.97% of harmful airborne pollutants 0.3 micron and larger.
  • Great for allergy, asthma and respiratory sufferers, especially those who spend enormous amounts on medication, nasal sprays, inhalers, allergy shots, etc.
  • Helps protect new home owners and renovators from excessive dust and odors off-gassed from new carpets, construction materials, paints and more.
  • Households with pets, tobacco / cooking odors or mustiness will find a dramatic difference in air quality.
  • Indoor Air Quality will be fresher and healthier, year-round.
  • The Fantech model DM3000P mounts directly to the return air duct and features an integrated airflow sensor switch which energizes the unit any time your home's furnace/air handler operates.  If you need to install your HEPA air cleaner independant from the ducting in your home, or if you do not have ducting, the Fantech CM3000I is better suited for your needs.

Air Flow

The amount of air, rated in cubic feet per minute, that the unit can move.

Air Flow
240 CFM
Power Requirements
120 Volt Plug
Number of Outflow Ducts
Intake Duct Fitting
5 x 10 inches
Outflow Duct Fitting
5 x 10 inches
16 Inches
20 Inches
Motor Warranty
7 Years
Parts Warranty (Filters Not Included)
5 years