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Alpine SBFD30

30 Inch Wide Return Air Support Box With Filter Slot

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This return air support box is for use with systems where the return air must come in underneath the furnace or air handler. The support box can hold a furnace or air handler up to 22 inches wide. The support box features an interior support bracket for maximum strength, and a 20 by 25 inch filter slot that can accommodate a one, four, or five inch thick media filter. The filter rack can be positioned on either the front or the back of the unit. This gives you the flexibility of having your return plenum on either the right or left hand side. This kit does not include a filter. Please click here to see our recommended filter. For return air box with return air plenum kit, please see the Snappy SBFD30-100-244 .

Filter Size
20 x 25 Inches
Support Box Dimensions
30W x 28D x 15H inches
Use Media Filters of Thickness
1 / 4 / 5 inches
Max Furnace or Air Handler Width
22 inches
15 Inches