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Honeywell AQ2554V2

4 Zone Expansion Panel for Zone Valves WITHOUT End Switches


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The AQ255 and AQ257 family of AQUATROL Expansion Zoning panels work with AQ2000 Boiler Control Panels and AQ1000 Communicating Thermostat to control up to 4 space heating zones (or 8, for the AQ2558P2X Panel). Can be combined with additional expansion zoning panels and an AQ2000 control panel for a total of 16 space heating zones.


  • AQ255 for zoning with pumps or zone valves without end switches.
  • Use with 2-wire polarity insensitive communicating thermostats.
  • Allows zone synchronization through Zone of Greatest Demand control.
  • Auto test function to test zones at system start up. It allows for operator controlled testing of zones; includes pause/restart capability.
  • LED lights for easy diagnostic of zone operation.
  • Allows zoning with either "Normally Open" or "Normally Closed" zone valves.
  • Adjacent zoning panels can operate different zone equipment - one panel may control 4 pumps while another may control 4 zone valves.
  • Easily switch from zone valves to pumps with same zoning module - just flip one DIP switch. Ensure correct voltage is applied (120 Vac for pumps, 24 Vac for valves)
  • R-C transformer and B-B data bus terminal connections and network communication for easy expansion.
  • Zones can be set to energize a parallel group pump.
  • Line or low-voltage output for zoning equipment (pumps or valves) 38 VA Transformer with self resetting electronic fuse.


The number of interior air handlers connected to the condensing unit. Typically one, two, or three zones.

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