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SpacePak AC-WPAK-90
90,000 BTU Hydronic Heating Coil for 3 to 3.5 Ton SpacePak Air Handlers

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The SpacePak Model WPAK Hydronic Heating Coil is designed to mount directly to both horizontal and vertical SpacePak high-velocity air handlers. Plugs are conveniently located to remove trapped air or purge water from the system for maintenance or shutdowns. Sheet metal return air ducts can be attached directly to coil cabinet, or use of the removable return air panel allows assembly of flexible return air duct.

While the horizontal SpacePak air handlers come with a removable return air panel, vertical models do not and and would require an additional return air duct adaptor to complete the installation. For this hydronic heating coil the correct adaptor would be the SpacePak AC-WRDA-90, and can be found by clicking on the Accessories tab above.

Heat is provided by matching the hydronic heating coil with a water heater or boiler, but which one? There are 4 main factors when considering which water heater or boiler to select:

  • Water temperature leaving the boiler or water heater
  • Boiler or water heater water flow in gallons per minute
  • Maximum heater coil BTU capacity
  • Net water rating of the boiler or heater

Most residential boilers that utilize radiator or baseboard heat have an exiting water temperature of 180° F (120° F if using in-floor heating). Since exiting water temperature is the same in most residential boilers, the next factor to look at is the water flow capacity of the boiler, usually in gallons per minute. At a constant 180° F, the more gallons per minute, or GPM,  that a boiler is capable of, the greater the heating BTU output will be for your hydronic heating coil. One thing to keep in mind is that the heater coil can not exceed its maximum heating BTU output, regardless of which boiler is connected to it. Additionally, a boiler will only provide a maximum heating BTU no greater than its net water rating, regardless of hydronic heater coil it is connected to.

For the optimaly matched boilers or water heaters for this hydronic heater coil, please click the "Accessories" tab at the top of the page.

Standard Features

  • High-output 4 row coil.
  • Easily mounts directly to all SpacePak fan coil units.
  • 7/8" copper connections.
  • Coils encased in a sheet metal cabinet.

For more information, visit www.SpacePak.com.

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