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SpacePak AC-IKLT-2

Installation Common Parts Kit for Two Supply Outlets

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 This kit contains components neccessary for installing outlets for (2) supply tubing runs.

With each installation kit you receive a bag orifices which are installed where the SpacePak BM-3008 take-offs join the plenum and are used to balance the system. You also receive (2) Sound Attenuator tubes that connect at the end of each supply tubing run just upstream of the outlet. These tubes are different from the supply tubing in that they have a fabric lining which keeps the system quiet. The kit also includes (2) Winter Supply Air Shutoffs for cooling only systems. Finally, (2) white plastic terminator plates, or outlets, are provided to complete the supply tubing outlet terminations.

 Plenum Take-off kits are not included. -For Plenum Take-off kits, please see the SpacePak AC-TKFS-2 for square fiberboard plenums, or the SpacePak AC-TKMR-2 for 9" round sheet metal plenums..

For more information, visit www.SpacePak.com.

Included in the SpacePak AC-IKLT-2 Box:
  • (2) Sound Attenuators (w/Kwik Connects installed)
  • (2) Terminator Plates / Outlets (w/clips & screws)
  • (2) Winter Supply Air Shutoffs
  • (1) 15% Balancing Orifice
  • (1) 35% Balancing Orifice
  • (1) 50% balancing Orifice
  • (4) Kwik Connects