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SpacePak EDH-3642D

15 Kilowatt (51,150 BTU) Electric Duct Heater for 3 Ton through 5 Ton SpacePak High-Velocity Air Handlers


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This 240 volt electric duct heater can be added to a SpacePak high-velocity air system's ductwork to provide winter-time heating capabilities.

Produces 51,150 BTUs of heat and works with 3 Ton through 5 Ton SpacePak high-velocity air handlers.

These electric duct heater modules are designed to be installed into the ductwork of high-velocity systems and work in conjunction with all SpacePak high-velocity air handlers.

WARNING: This electric duct heater module MUST be installed such that the air flows HORIZONTALLY, also heeding unit markings "This Side Up".

For more information, visit www.SpacePak.com.

Heating Output @ 240 Volts

The amount of heat, rated in BTUs, that the heater can deliver into your space while using a 240 volts power source.

Heating Output @ 240 Volts
49167 BTU
Heating Output @ 208 Volts
36875 BTU
Kilowatt Rating @ 208 VAC
10.8 KW
Kilowatt Rating @ 240 VAC

The capacity of the heater measured in kilowatts while using a 240 volt power source.

Kilowatt Rating @ 240 VAC
14.4 KW
Maximum Breaker Size @ 240 VAC
75 Amps
Maximum Breaker Size @ 208 VAC
65 Amps
Shipping Weight
33 lbs
21 Inches
15 Inches
11 Inches
208 / 230 / 240 Volts

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