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Closed Thur 11/26 - Sun 11/29, Reopen Mon 11/30 8am, CT

Crankcase heating cables are designed to prevent motor damage and reduced efficiency by minimizing refrigerant gas absorption into the compressor oil when it is cold outside.  Their self-regulating properties ensure energy efficient heating with no need for thermostat control and no risk of overheating. A crankcase heater is a recommended accessory for all heat pumps.

The heating cable installs around the body of the compressor in the outdoor heat pump equipment, and hooks into the voltage already available there.

Crankcase heating cables are constructed with a high-powered self-regulating core, are double insulated and attatched to a flexible nylon locking strap.  It is a non-metallic product that will not corrode and is most effective in the prevention of moisture and condensation ingress.  The thin narrow profile gives flexibility for the heating cables to be fitted to a wide range of compressor shapes and sizes.

  • For all hermetic compressors up to 5 HP
  • Ground wire and rubberized outer jacket
  • Easy to install
  • Self-regulating
  • 240 VAC
  • Adjustable

Power at 50°F
32 watts
Power at 0°F
60 watts
Wire Gauge
240 Volts