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FloAire DDAR14-1

14" 1,465 CFM Direct Drive Sidewall / Rooftop Ventilator


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Axial Direct Drive Fans are the perfect low cost exhaust choice in the areas that have little or no ductwork, and thus, relatively low to moderate resistance. The FloAire DDAR14-1 is a popular choice for large attics, and is capable of moving 1,465 CFM for attics up to approximately 2,080 square feet. Designed to keep the temperature in an attic from reaching extremes, the DDAR14-1 removes super-heated air in the summer or moisture-filled air in the winter.  The ventilator creates a gentle breeze in the attic by pulling air from the outside through vents in the soffits or undereaves.


  • Spun aluminum housing for rust-free weather resistant durability
  • Propellers constructed with die formed blades riveted to a steel hub
  • Can be roof or wall mounted
  • Standard bird screen
  • Wire conduit to provide a clear channel for electrical connections
  • Emergency Disconnect Switch

Air Flow

The amount of air, rated in cubic feet per minute, that the unit can move.

Air Flow
1465 CFM
Curb Dimensions
19 1/2W x 12H x 19 1/2D inches
Roof Opening- Round
16 inches
Horse Power

The amount of power generated by the motor. One horsepower (HP) is equivalent to 746 watts.

Horse Power
1/12 HP
Product Weight
45 lbs
Fan Speed RPM
1100 RPM
27 5/16 Inches
21 Inches
12 5/8 Inches

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