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This device is perfect for remotely monitoring the temperatures of a vacation home, cabin, hanger, or commercial building.The Intermediate FreezeAlarm automatically calls up to three phone numbers when the temperature either rises above or falls below a customer-determined temperature set-point.  It also calls if the power fails for a period of time or if the back-up battery requires replacing.  You can remotely check the temperature, power status and battery voltage by calling your FreezeAlarm from any phone in the world.  The FreezeAlarm uses a series of menu options that are accessible by pressing the buttons on your Touch-Tone phone.  All menus are in English.


  • For remote temperature and electrical power monitoring of refrigeration, heating and air conditioning equipment for buildings
  • Automatically calls up to three telephone numbers when the
    temperature gets out of range
  • Check the current temperature, power status and battery voltage or change any of the settings from any phone
  • Adjustable temperature alarm setpoint from -49°F to +199°F
  • Low battery and power loss call out alarms
  • Battery back-up (9V not included)
  • Power requirements: 12VDC (110VAC/12VDC plug-in wall transformer with six foot long cord included)
  • Sensor: semi-conductor sensor with 1.75" x .25" nickel plated
    copper cap and three foot cord (can be extended up to 1,000')


Phone Monitoring Capability

Allows you monitor the temperature in your home remotely from a touch tone phone.

Phone Monitoring Capability
Phone Control Capability

Allows you to raise or lower the temperature in your home remotely from a touch tone phone.

Phone Control Capability
Power Method

Indicates if the thermostat operates electrically on batteries or power from the furnace/air handler.

Power Method
110v Outlet
Power Backup
6 Inches
2 1/2 Inches
Limited Warranty
1 Year