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Caleffi NAS30062PLUS
4-6 Person Solar Water Heater Package with 119 Gallon Dual Coil Storage Tank for Boiler Applications and iSolar Plus Control

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Caleffi Solar offers several complete, integrated Solar Water Heating Systems that make the most of the sun’s abundant energy. The systems are engineered of highly reliable components that work together to ensure superior system performance. As an added benefit, having all the components from one manufacturer provides the advantage and convenience of reducing system planning and installation time. Caleffi's Solar Water Heating Systems can be installed quickly, with "plug and flow" components that are ready to screw together, without lighting a torch for soldering. All mounts, fittings, connectors and pre-mix glycol included.  With their simple, reliable, environmentally friendly technology, the systems are suitable for all types of buildings and geographic areas. This is the first complete Solar Water Heater in a Box!

How does a solar water heater work?  Simply stated, when the sun is shining, heat energy is absorbed by the solar collector’s absorber plate and transferred to the heat transfer fluid (HTF) circulating through the solar collector. The system pump circulates this heated fluid through the collector piping and integral tank heat exchanger located in the bottom of the storage tank. As the HTF passes through the heat exchanger, the heat in the fluid is transferred by conduction to the potable water in the solar storage tank. As this process is continuously repeated, the water temperature in the solar storage tank rises. 

Though many installations will produce 100% of hot water requirements by solar energy on sunny mid-year days, on cloudy days and fall / winter days, back-up heat may be required.  Caleffi's dual coil storage tanks are plumbed into a boiler loop so that a hydronic heating system can assist with the potable hot water load.  Caleffi storage tanks are also equipped with a 4,500 watt heating element to provide hot water when the solar energy cannot.

Standard Features

  • Specially engineered system includes all of the components needed for a standard installation
  • Systems range in size from a 50-gallon one-collector system to a 119-gallon three-collector system
  • Equally compatible with newly constructed or existing homes

Solar Flat Plate Collectors

  • Universal mounts for flush roof or ground applications
  • Durable, 1/8", low-iron tempered glass
  • Selective crystal coating absorber coating
  • Attractive bronze extruded aluminum frame
  • SRCC certified and listed
  • 10-year warranty

SolarCon™ Storage Tank

  • Durable porcelain enamel lining, with protective cobalt
  • Heavy gauge powder coated steel outside jacket
  • Dual heavy-duty anode rods protection
  • Thick 2" non-CFC feam insulation
  • 4,500 watt, UL listed backup element with aquastat
  • 6-year warranty

SolarFlex™ Flexible Steel Piping

  • High temperature EPDM insulation, UV resistant
  • Heavy durable UV resistant film outside jacket
  • Sensor wire between flow and return pipes
  • 6-year warranty

iSolar™ Differential Temperature Controller

  • User friendly LCD graphic display
  • Variable pump speed controls
  • Collector overheat protection
  • Storage tank cooling
  • kWh energy measurement
  • Adjustable delta-T function
  • Shut off valves with built-in flow checks
  • Fill and purge plus safety valves
  • Flow meter and flow adjustment
  • Temperature and pressure gauges
  • Three speed pump, UL listed
  • 4-year warranty with authorized installer

Note: Solar water heating systems are climate and site specific appliances. System performance varies as a function of household hot water use, including daily showers and baths, laundry and kitchen uses, local ground water temperatures and ambient air temperatures, your home’s roof pitch and orientation and, of course, the seasonal intensity of solar radiation. These variables determine how much energy and money your Caleffi system will save. When sized properly, your solar thermal hot water heater can produce between 50% and 80% of your hot water demand on an annual basis.

Included in the Caleffi NAS30062PLUS Box:

1 119 gallon, dual coil water storage tank
3 4' x 6.5' solar collector panels
1 iSolar Plus controller
1 7 gallon expansion tank
1 50 foot section of SolarFlex coil

...and many additional installation supplies. Please see page 50 of the Installation Instructions (2MB) for a full list of supplies included with this solar water heater package.

Tank Volume
119 Gallons 

First Hour Rating
282 Gallons 

Recovery Rate (Solar & Backup)
182 Gallons Per Hour 

Standby Loss Rating
1.2 °F/hr 

Coil Surface Area
14.14, 9.42 ft² 

Electric Heater Size
4.5 kilowatts 

Max Water Pressure
150 PSI 

Piping Connections - Water
1 Inch(es) 

240 Volts 

Tank Warranty
6 Years  

Solar Panel Warranty
10 Years  

Parts Warranty
2 Years 
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