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DiversiTech ClearVue
DiversiTech IQP-120
120 Volt Condensation Pump with Variable Speed Pump and Floatless Sensor

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The ClearVue™ condensate pump from DiversiTech is unlike any other pump available. ClearVue features iQ Technology™ which makes ClearVue the smartest condensate pump on the market. iQ Technology provides ClearVue the ability to "think" and adapt to changing conditions - it's not just off or on like a regular pump. ClearVue senses the amount of condensate water in the tank and its rate of inflow and adjusts its speed and lift to match the conditions and keep the tank clear. ClearVue also features Floatless Sensor™ Technology to detect the water level and rate of inflow, and decide what to do next.

iQ Technology:

  • Variable Lift: The variable lift in ClearVue assures that the pump impeller is spinning only as fast as is needed to lift the condensate water to the height needed. A slower spinning impeller means significantly less noise than conventional condensate pumps. Variable speed is a proven, quieting feature in furnace blower motors. This electronically controlled technology is now available in the ClearVue Pump.
  • Self Cleaning: One of the most common problems in condensate removal is the blockage of a drain line downstream from the condensate pump. By monitoring pumping conditions, ClearVue is able to detect when a drain line is partially or fully clogged. In these instances, ClearVue increases the pressure in the drain line to attempt to clear the clog.

Floatless Sensor:

  • Conventional pumps use an electro-mechanical float switch to turn a condensate pump on and off, and to detect a potential overflow condition with a high level alarm. Electromechanical float switches are prone to mechanical failure, debris fouling, and misalignment. DiversiTech’s patent pending Floatless Sensor eliminates many of the mechanical problems associated with conventional condensate pumps.

Other high level features include single button drainage, alarm terminals, a reversible deck, a see-through tank, stainless steel hang tabs, and anti-vibration rubber feet.

Discharge Size
3/8 in OD Barbed  

120 Volts 

60 Hz 
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