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Honeywell AMX3-T
Honeywell AMX300T/U
Thermostatic Mixing Valve Kit with 8" Flex Connector

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The demands of today’s busy families can often be a strain on the hot water supply. Not with a Honeywell mixing valve. By raising the stored water temperature to 140°F or higher, less hot water is required to mix with the cold water to reach a comfortable temperature. The mixing action gives you up to 60-gallon performance from a 40-gallon tank, so the last person in the shower is less likely to come out shivering.

Mixing valves also help prevent burns and injuries due to scalding. Burns from hot water can occur in just seconds — even less for small children. A mixing valve reduces the temperature at either the water heater or the faucet, so your family can use the sink, shower or tub without fear of scalding.  Install the mixing valve at the water heater to mix the water for the whole house, or at a specific faucet for point-of-use protection.

When a water heater’s temperature is set too low, deadly Legionella bacteria can grow. The growth of Legionella is reduced when the water is heated to 140°F. A Honeywell mixing valve allows you to set your water heater at a higher temperature to kill bacteria while eliminating concerns about water being too hot at the tap.

  • Comfort: Gives you 50% more hot water
  • Safety: Prevents scalding
  • Peace of Mind: Helps prevent the growth of dangerous bacteria in your water heater 
  • Excellent temperature stability and control
  • Effectively minimizes scalding risk to building occupants
  • Kit includes ASSE 1017 mixing valve, cold water tee fitting and flexible stainless steel connector
  • Mixing valve and cold water tee both connect directly to water heater; flexible stainless steel connector joins the cold water tee directly to the cold inlet port of the mixing valve
  • Fits virtually all water heaters up to 1 in. (all necessary adapters included)
  • Increased user comfort for more available hot water
  • Constant water temperature under different operating conditions
  • Proportional valve (control of hot and cold water)
  • Flow reduction in seconds if cold water supply is interrupted
  • Temperature adjustable with easy "Push-Twist-Release" locking hand wheel design
  • Union nuts/tail pieces/adapters (for certain models) included
  • Recirculation port option for fast delivery of heated water to furthest fixtures
  • Alternate hot port for bypass of hot water directly from tank to non-mixed temperature applications (dishwashers, clothes washers, etc.)
  • Integral check valve on cold port
  • Brass/stainless construction
  • Teflon coated wear surfaces for extended service
  • ASSE 1017 certified, IAPMO listed (cUPCus)

Note: To ensure a correct fit, measure the distance between your hot and cold water pipes where this will be installed.  This model with its 8" connector is designed for to fit most residential water heaters.

Capacity (Cv)
2.1 GPM at 60°F 

Minimun Flow Rate
0.25 gpm 


Temperature Range - Cold Water Inlet
33 to 80 °F 

Temperature Range - Hot Water Inlet
100 to 212 °F 

Mixed Water Supply Temperature Range
100 to 145 °F 
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