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This 240 volt heater coil can be added to an AH0ZPA or AHA3Z packaged air conditioner, or an AH0ZHA or AHH3P packaged heat pump to provide winter heating capabilities.

Produces 51,000 BTUs of heat.

Warren Technology’s design criterion for heating element selection is based on actual element operating temperature. Warren selects all elements by its exclusive "Calculated Wire Temperature Method", a method which insures that elements in heaters operate within the designed electrical and temperature requirements, and do not exceed the melting point of the alloy even in still free air.

This method of design allows Warren’s Technology to predict operating temperatures and life spans of any given element in our duct heater product line and has resulted in a zero failure rate on units installed in the field over the past 10 years.

Warren Technology employs the most modern technology available in the industry to construct the heater frames and boxes. Predetermined optimum element support spacing allows the modular concept to offer the choice of virtually any element rack size combination, and yet utilize the cost savings of volume production. All frames and boxes are constructed of 20 gauges, or heavier, hot dipped galvanized steel.

If you are installing the heater coil in a packaged air conditioner or heat pump, another circuit in addition to the heater coil circuit(s) is still required to operate the packaged unit

Depending on the heater coil size being installed, one or two circuits to the heater coil will be necessary.  Please see the specification sheet for the unit this heater coil will be installed in for exact amperage draw numbers and circuit breaker requirements. At your home's circuit panel, individual 220 volt double-pole circuit breakers are required for each circuit.



The capacity, measured in kilowatts, of the heater coil. On average every 1kw of heater coil translates to 3,412 BTUs of heat.

208 / 230 / 240 Volts
Voltage Phase
Limited Warranty
1 Year