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Comfort-Aire SMA18SC-1
18,000 BTU 13 SEER Single Zone Ductless Air Conditioner System

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Comfort-Aire's "S" Series, rated at 13 SEER, offers economical zone control because only the room or area being used is conditioned.  Also, no energy is used to force air through a duct system.

Since the unit is independent of any other heating or cooling system, specific comfort requirements can be set for the space.  A wireless remote makes it easy to select both temperature and mode.

The indoor air handler features a sleek design that extends just 9" or less into the room, depending on the model.  For installation flexibility, the indoor section can be located up to 82 feet from the outdoor section.

Not only is the air handler visually unobtrusive, it's also so quiet you'll forget it's even there.  Fan speed and mode can be selected so the air flow provides the comfort needed without being disruptive.  All models feature three fan speeds.

Built with many quality components, the system includes a three minute delay at start-up to protect the compressor from short-cycling.

Standard Features

  • Whisper Quiet—High tech fan in the indoor unit delivers balanced air flow
  • Temperature Compensation—Indoor unit adjusts automatically as needed to eliminate stratification between ceiling and floor temperatures
  • Random Swing—Continually adjusts air direction for a gentle, breeze-like effect
  • Multiple Modes—Cooling, dehumidification only, air circulation (heating in heat pump models) plus: Sleep mode, 24-hour timer and turbo mode
  • Auto Operation—Automatically adjusts to maintain a constant temperature/humidity level
  • Air Filtration—An air filter helps trap dust, pollen and other particles in the air; this permanent filter is designed to be washed on a regular basis and re-installed
  • Auto Restart—Reverts to the last setting following a power failure
  • Low Ambient Operation—Crankcase heater allow operation at 5°F (cooling)

Complete your system by selecting a line set from the Accessories tab above.  Line sets come in 15, 35, and 50 foot lengths.

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