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ecobee EB-SmartSi
ecobee EB-SmartSi-01
NEW!! Full Color Display, 3 Stage Heat / 2 Stage Cool, Wi-Fi / Internet Enabled Digital Thermostat

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The most amazing and easy-to-use thermostat just got easier to use!

The new ecobee Smart Si thermostat features a high-resolution color display, sleek buttons, and an intuitive user interface combined into one easy-to-use thermostat.  This programmable 7-day thermostat's intelligent programs save you more energy and money. In addition, you can access the thermostat's settings from your computer or any wi-fi / internet enabled device (iPhone, DROID, Storm).

Registering your ecobee Smart Si thermostat will allow you to access it from anywhere through your personalized web portal. Receive live weather feeds, temperature alerts and helpful reminders that are available if the Smart Si thermostat is connected to your home's wireless router.  The ecobee web portal also allows you to program your thermostat from anywhere with internet access.  Another unparalleled feature of the ecobee Smart Si thermostat is its ability to send you email reminders when the system needs service or when it's time to change the filter, and send special alerts if there is an issue with your heating / cooling system.

At the ecobee website, view a demonstration of the thermostat as well as your own personal online interface to control this amazing thermostat.

Standard Features:

  • Wi-Fi enabled with internet accessability
  • Precision +/-1º F (0.5ºC temperature control)
  • Supports multi-stage systems (up to 3 heat / 2 cool)
  • Intelligent heating and cooling algorithms
  • Humidity sensing
  • 7 day programming schedules
  • Vacation scheduling
  • Fan control
  • Automatic set back calculation
  • Quick Save energy conservation
  • Over-the-air software upgradeability for future software updates
  • Email alerts
  • Live weather feed

Note: This thermostat is powered by being hardwired to the 24 volt power terminal on the furnace or air handler control board.

Instructions & Brochures

ecobee EB-SmartSi Installation Manual (pdf, 1.22 MB)
ecobee EB-SmartSi User Manual (pdf, 1003 KB)
ecobee EB-SmartSi Brochure (pdf, 742 KB)
ecobee Product Comparison (pdf, 935 KB)
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