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The Rinnai R53e-NG (Item No. 610099) has been discontinued.
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This Rinnai R53e-NG 5.3 GPM Tankless Water Heater Exterior, 5.3 GPM, Natural Gas, Tankless Water Heater has some denting on the front cover. For detailed photos please click 'See Additional Images' above. This Rinnai R53e-NG 5.3 GPM Tankless Water Heater Exterior, 5.3 GPM, Natural Gas, Tankless Water Heater meets the full manufacturer's specifications, comes with the full manufacturer's warranty, and includes Alpine's premium guarantee.

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Experience a never-ending supply of fresh hot water with this energy-efficient water heating system that uses a gas-powered heat exchanger to heat water.  Compact in size, Rinnai's innovative tankless technology heats water only as needed when water flow is detected, resulting in endless hot water.  Unlike traditional tank systems, the Rinnai system can deliver hot water to multiple water sources simultaneously at a constant user-set temperature.


  • Temperature controlled, continuous flow, gas hot water system
  • Power vented forced combustion
  • Direct electronic ignition
  • Simulation feed forward and feed back
  • Water flow sensor, electronic water control device, fixed bypass
  • Boiling protection: 203°F
  • Automatic frost protection
  • Setpoint temperature: 120°F
  • Temperature range with MC Controller: 96°F to 140°F
  • 10-year heat exchanger / 5-year parts warranty

Maximum Input BTU

The maximum amount of heat that the unit can produce. The amount delivered into the space will be the input minus the efficiency loss also know as the output. For example a 100000 btu furnace at 80% efficiency will give you 80000 out btus of heat. The same size furnace at 95% will give you 95000 btus of heat.

Maximum Input BTU
150000 BTU
Minimum Input BTU

The amount of heat produced by the unit at the lower stage of heat. Having two stages of heat will allow for more consistent operation and greater comfort in the home.

Minimum Input BTU
19000 BTU
Hot Water Capacity Range

The gallons per minute of hot water that the unit is rated to provide. The actual amount of hot water generated can vary depending on your ground water temperature.

Hot Water Capacity Range
0.6 - 5.3 GPM
Thermal Efficiency

The percentage of the heat generated by combustion that goes into heating. The remaining percentage goes out the flue. The higher the efficiency rating, the lower the cost of operation.

Thermal Efficiency
80 %
Energy Factor
Temperature Range

The minimum and maximum temperatures on the thermostat.

Temperature Range
140 - 98 °F
Product Weight
34 lbs
14 Inches
8 Inches
22 Inches
Heat Exchanger Warranty
10 Years
Parts Warranty
5 Years