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GeneralAire 1300

130-Pint Per Day Whole-Home Dehumidifier


Effective, Efficient Dehumidification
When the dehumidifier fan is running, moist air from the living spaces is drawn into the unit via the inlet duct. It passes through the filter to remove air-borne contaminants, then continues on through the cold evaporator coil which causes the moisture to condense on the coil, much like condensation on the outside of a glass of ice water. The moisture falls into a stainless steel drain pan and is carried away by the drain hose.
The air then passes through the condensing coil where it is warmed before being discharged into the living space. To maximize this process, a thermostatic expansion valve provides precise refrigeration control over a wide range of operating temperatures.
  • Optional wall-mounted control
  • Cleanable filter
  • Frost control
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Removes as much as 130 pints of moisture per day
  • Quiet operation
  • Energy efficient
  • Fits any size home 

Included in the GeneralAire 1300 Box:
  • 1300 Humidifier
  • Installation Manual
  • Filter,
  • 8” Duct Connection Collars 
Washable nylon mesh
Air Flow

The amount of air, rated in cubic feet per minute, that the unit can move.

Air Flow
400 CFM

Inside air conditioning systems are liquid/gas refrigerant. There are two types of this refrigerant available for use, R-22 (more commonly known as Freon), and a newer alternative R-410A.

An air conditioning system does not consume refrigerant, but reuses it. As long as there are no leaks in the refrigerant circuit, there is no need to ever add more refrigerant to an air conditioning system.

Although R-22 is an effective refrigerant, if it is released into the atmosphere it can contribute to the depletion of the Earth’s ozone layer. The EPA has mandated the phasing out the use of R-22. It is being replaced by R-410A.

As of 2010, manufacturers are required to make all new air conditioners with R-410A. However, R-22 is still available for sale in existing pre-2010-manufactured equipment, and for use in servicing existing R-22 equipment. By 2020, R-22 will no longer be manufactured, but will still be recycled and available for sale.

Capacity (Pints per Day)

At 60% Relative Humidity - and 80° F

Capacity (Pints per Day)
1070 Watts
15 amps
Fan Horse Power
0.1 HP
Compressor Type

Reciprocating compressors use a piston to compress the refrigerant.

Rotary compressors utilize a roller rotating eccentrically inside a cylinder and a spring mounted blade always rubbing against the roller. As the eccentric rotates towards the blade, the space is decreased and the refrigerant is compressed. Rotary compressors are very efficient.

Scroll compressors consists of 2 scrolls to pressurize refrigerant. Often 1 scroll is fixed and the other orbits eccentrically compressing the gas between the scrolls. Scroll compressors are quiet, smooth and offer highest efficiency ratio of all compressor types.

Scroll Ultratech™ compressors are advanced scroll compressors which offer more features and better diagnostics.

Compressor Type
Filter Size
17 x 23.5 Inches
Outflow Duct Fitting
8 inches
Duct Connection Diameter

The diameter of round duct connected to the fitting.

Duct Connection Diameter
8 inches
Drain Connection (I.D.)
0.75 inch
Cabinet Insulation
1 inch
Product Weight
150 lbs
25 13/100 Inches
30 Inches
19 3/20 Inches
115 Volts
Limited Warranty
5 Years