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Nest Protect (White, Battery)

Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Battery, S2001BW


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Nest Protect is more than a traditional smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. When there is a problem, Nest Protect informs you what it is and where it is at. Not Home? Don’t worry, you are covered. Connect to your alarm with your phone or tablet and receive alerts or simply check in anytime from anywhere.

Depending on the problem, Nest Protect talks and uses different color light rings to alert you of what is going on. Nest Protect is loaded with features to keep you and your family safe.



Light Ring Safety Display            

  • Nest Protect uses four different colored light rings to inform you if something is wrong and to let know that the alarm is working properly.      


Wi-Fi Connectivity            

  • Connect to your alarm through Wi-Fi and check in or get alerts when there is a problem.


Nest Thermostat Compatibility

  •  When connected, Nest protected and Thermostat help keep you safe by working togather to respond to a problem. If carbon monoxide is detected by the alarm, your thermostat will automatically turn off the gas furnace to curtail a potential source of the deadly gas.


Silence from a Wave

  • Simply wave your arm in proximity of Nest Protect's sensors and your alarm will be turned off.


Early Warning without a Startle

  • If a problem is detected, Nest Protect gives you a "Heads Up" and illuminates a yellow ring instead of blasting an alarm and immediately igniting panic.



  • Photoelectric smoke sensor
  • Carbon monoxide sensor
  • Heat sensor
  • Three activity sensors
  • Ambient light sensors
  • Humidity sensor


Multiple Languages

  • Right out of the box, Nest Protect is programmed to speak English, Spanish, French, or Dutch.





Included in the Nest Protect (White, Battery) Box:


  • Nest Protect (Battery)
  • Six Long-life Batteries
  • Back Plate
  • Four Screws
  • User's Guide and Welcome Guide
  • 2-year limited hardware warranty
Power Source
6 AA Batteries
Humidity Range (%)
20 - 80%
Max Temperature
100 °F
Min Temperature
40 °F
Horn Output
85 decibels at 10 ft
Product Weight
0.8 lbs
5 1/4 Inches
5 1/4 Inches
1 5/8 Inches
Limited Warranty
2 Years