Instructions & Brochures

Goodman GPH15M Spec Sheet (pdf, 956 KB)
Goodman GPH15 Sales Brochure (pdf, 1.05 MB)
Goodman HKR Supplemental Install Instructions (pdf, 103 KB)
Wire Gauge Sizes (pdf, 190 KB)
Single Stage Packaged Heat Pump with No Auxilary Heat Wiring (pdf, 174 KB)
Packaged Heat Pump with Single Stage Auxiliary Heat Wiring (pdf, 174 KB)
Goodman GPC15M/GPH15M Installation Instructions (pdf, 612 KB)
Goodman GPH15M**AA Technical Information (pdf, 703 KB)
Packaged Heat Pump with Two Stage Auxilary Heat Control Wiring (pdf, 111 KB)
Goodman GPH15M**AB Technical Information (pdf, 1.55 MB)

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