Instructions & Brochures

R410A Long Lineset Instructions (pdf, 142 KB)
AC Only with Variable Speed Air Handler Control Wiring (pdf, 188 KB)
Wire Gauge Sizes (pdf, 190 KB)
Common AC Installation Mistakes (pdf, 142 KB)
Tips for Selecting Matched Components and Line Sets (pdf, 22.9 KB)
Amana ASXC16 Spec Sheet (pdf, 763 KB)
Amana ASXC16 Brochure (pdf, 736 KB)
ASXC16 Installation Instructions (pdf, 437 KB)
ASXC16 Service Manual (pdf, 2.48 MB)
ASXC16 Technical Parameters (pdf, 647 KB)
ASX 16 Technical Manual (pdf, 638 KB)
ASX Parts Manual (pdf, 207 KB)
ASX Warranty (pdf, 26.7 KB)
ASX16 Spec Sheet (pdf, 762 KB)
ASX160181 Installation Instructions (pdf, 285 KB)

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