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Since 2002, thousands of customers in the United States and Canada have purchased heating and air conditioning products from Alpine. And many of those customers have written to us about their experiences. We share in their successes. We value their feedback and reviews. And we look forward to working with you on your next project.

Please email us at [email protected] with a note about your experience and optionally, a digital photo of your installation if you would like your customer review to appear on our site.

533. Carey Ritchey from Murphy, TX installed her own three Electronic air filters:
Product Image

532. Jim Rathmann from West Seneca, NY writes:

"Installation went very smoothly. The installation DVD was handy!"

Product Image

531. Roger Whipple from Braintree, MA writes:

"I am quite proud of the quick and professional installation of the Burnham PV83WC Boiler I purchased from you in November. It arrived in a couple of days. Thanks for making this available."

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530. Barbara and Scott Cameron from Cincinnati, OH write:

"We love the savings and convenience of ordering filters from Alpine. Alpine not only saves us money, but we never have to leave the house! What could be easier?"

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529. Ben Nagle from Altoona, PA writes:

"My 26-year-old hot water boiler bit the dust in mid-December of 2005. Alpine Home Air is the only company I could find for myself that actually showed me the prices of different items and gave me very detailed specifications. I have never seen any company that was so fast at shipping things out before. I had to order this new boiler over Christmas weekend, and by the Friday after Christmas it was fully functional. I didn't have the money to get a contractor so I did a lot of research during the transit time of the equipment. This system is so much more efficient than I can ever remember my old one being. I would recommend Alpine Home Air to anyone. They truly are the best I have ever seen. Thank you so much Alpine!"

Product Image

528. Wayne Miller from Cary, NC writes:

"I ordered a replacement furnace to replace a horizontal unit up in the attic. It was here in 2 days. I am very impressed with the Goodman furnace. The unit was almost an exact fit of my old one, and that was in the attic! I could not believe the difference. The efficiency of the Goodman unit (I bought the 93% efficient model) compared to the old one was so dramatic that a week later I ordered a replacement for the furnace downstairs (the 95% efficient model..I noticed the $150 tax credit kicks in 2006). I probably could have run the downstairs furnace another 5 years, but I added it all up and the new furnace will pay for itself in 5 years. I figured I was lucky on the first one getting it in 2 days, but hard to believe the 2nd unit came exactly in 2 days. Although I hope to never need it, the unlimited technical support is a nice plus, and the magnetic sticker to put on the unit with your phone number tells me you really will give the support."

Product Image

527. Wayne Lee from Santa Ana, CA writes:

"I purchased a Goodman 93% Single Stage Upflow from you. I called the support line 2 times and got the information I needed both times. Full system quote from a pro was $2400 for an 80% installed. I saved approx $1200 DIY, plus another $200 rebate from the gas company (I won't count that until I get the check) and 13% more efficient! Thanks again for the great phone support and great product."

Product Image

526. Ray Tomer of Pittsburgh, PA writes:

"I ordered a replacement furnace ignitor on-line from Alpine Home Air Products. The website was easy to use to search for my part and place my order. I received a confirmation e-mail, tracking e-mail, and the part was received with a CD-ROM with installation instructions. Thank you Alpine for your great service and making this repair easy to do!"

Product Image

525. Dale Brubaker from Harrisonburg, VA installed his own humidifier.

"I really like my new humidifier. It took me somewhere around 3 hours to install my new Aprilaire 700 humidifier. The CD is very user friendly, and the product is easy to install. As you can imagine it took some time to figure out the wiring of the new unit. I would recommend buying the kits which makes the hook-ups muck easier. Thanks again. Great Product and Great Service."

Product Image

524. Jim Semester of Carmel, IN installed his own Honeywell UV Bulb.

"I successfully installed my new Alpine Home Air UV bulb. The installation was quick and easy with simple directions to follow. It took only a couple of minutes and none of the usual four-letter words that often accompany similar procedures!! The ordering process was efficient and the product arrived as scheduled. Thanks for a positive experience!!"

Product Image

523. William Brennan from Delafield, WI installed his own air cleaner.

"How exciting it is to install your equipment in my home using a DVD, reading the instructions, and to have an operating 2 stage furnace, AC evaporator coil, Honeywell whole house filter, supply transition, and Honeywell touch screen programmable thermostat. My wife and I used to adjust our house temperature frequently during the week. Since the installation, we do not adjust the temperature during the day, and at night the thermostat is programmed to drop 6 degrees, then come back to daytime temp at 6am. With the 93% furnace, energy efficient DC blower motor, and programmable thermostat, we will be reaping operational savings over the life of our system...this is exciting. Our most recent monthly gas bill was $50 less, and the furnace was only installed for 2 weeks! You have great service, technical assistance, quality products, and a competitive price. I am sincerely pleased with my purchase."

Product Image

522. Steve Brown from Hamilton, OH writes:

"After two sinus surgeries on myself and watching Cia and our three kids suffering with sinus infections, (Amber, 24, will graduate from Miami with honors in May, Sean, 18, a freshman at Miami and Eli, 14, a freshman in high school) I searched the web for the right humidifier and felt the Aprilaire 400 was the right product for us. Still unconvinced, I bought an online subscription to Consumer Reports - their rating of the Aprilaire 400 was at the top of the list. I should have saved the $4.50 and trusted my own judgment. Not only is the whole family enjoying breathing easier, but I believe it has had a positive effect on my psoriasis. Installation was easy with just some minor sheet metal fabrication. I kept an eye on two separate humidistats in our home to make sure the outside air monitor was doing its job. The humidity levels are right on. Thanks Alpine."

Product Image

521. Gregory Snoberger from Woolwich Twp, NJ installed his own humidifier:

"Let me just start by saying WOW!!!!! I was really excited to find this product (Aprilaire Model 700) at your online store. I purchased the product and additional installation kit. Before I could even arrange to get all the tools necessary to install the unit, it was delivered to my door. The materials included (DVD & written instructions) made this installation very easy and quick. I'm very excited to have the unit installed and working. Thank you so much. Everything from purchasing to installing was made very easy. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!! Again, I can't thank you enough. I look forward to purchasing from you again in the future."

Product Image

520. Evan Nitschmann from Saint-Lazare, QC Canada installed his own air cleaner:

"I am pleased to say that the installation of my Honeywell F200 Air Cleaner was easy, and we are very happy with this product. The service I received from Alpine was excellent, and I will happily purchase from your compnay in the future. Thanks again for a great product."

Product Image

519. Scott Paige of New Windsor, NY writes:

"I am opening a new art studio in a raw space within a commercial building that is being renovated. I had concerns about using paints and other potentially flammable art materials, so after thoroughly researching, I decided to order a Reznor Model UDAS150 which features a seperate air supply for combustion. The furnace arrived very quickly! I was very impressed with the ease of ordering and the speedy delivery. An unexpected bonus for me was the thorough installation instructions. I decided to install the furnace myself. The directions guided me through every phase so I was able to save myself a good amount of money, only needing a professional heating contractor to run and connect the gas line for me. It performs excellently! This furnace was one of the best investments I have made for the success (and comfort) of my art studio! I would definitely recommend Alpine to anyone."

Product Image

518. Bruce Thompson of Pomona Park, FL writes:

"Once we received the unit, the installation was a snap."

Product Image

517. David Fox of Parkville, MA installed his own humidifiers.

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with all the advice and answers I received to my questions. Your staff was very helpful! I installed two Honeywell UV100E3007 air purifier units on my two furnaces. Everything went well, and they're working GREAT! Your website is the BEST on the Web. It's easy to order and track shipments, and my order arrived as promised in two days. Thank you very much."

Product Image

516. Chuck Wirts of Charleston, WV writes:

"I was happy with the service I received, and the furnace is up and running well."

Product Image

515. Philip Ott of Castle Rock, CO installed his own humidifier.

"There's not much to tell about the installation; it went smoothly. All the pieces fit, the cutting went smoothly using a Dremel tool, and the waterline didn't leak. No blood, no bruises! As the photo shows, the installation looks tidy, and it works."

Product Image

514. Brian Vass of Cincinnati, OH installed his own humidifier.

"My friend Frank recently installed an Aprilaire 600 in his house. It was so easy, he talked me into installing one in my house too. The installation DVD was very helpful. We installed the humidifier in under 4 hours. Here's a picture of me, my son Andrew, and the two newest members of our family: our Aprilaire 600 and the humidistat. Thanks Alpine Home Air! "

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