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Since 2002, thousands of customers in the United States and Canada have purchased heating and air conditioning products from Alpine. And many of those customers have written to us about their experiences. We share in their successes. We value their feedback and reviews. And we look forward to working with you on your next project.

Please email us at [email protected] with a note about your experience and optionally, a digital photo of your installation if you would like your customer review to appear on our site.

493. Larry Hull of Raleigh, NC installed his own evaporator coil.

"The installation went relatively smoothly and startup was a breeze. Thank goodness I bit the bullet and changed out my ancient, inefficient system considering the severe heat wave we've had the past few weeks! Thanks for your competitive pricing and prompt shipping! "

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492. George Haber of Long Island, NY replaced his own filters

"I went onto the Internet, saw your site, and was impressed with your reputation, your guarantee, and your pricing. I ordered the two-filter pack, which arrived promptly in just a few days. The instructions on the box for the filter installation were very clear, and everything fit beautifully. The job was certainly more involving than just popping a flat filter into place, but it was made easy by the clear instructions, and I did it in less than ten minutes. The system seems to be working more efficiently now, and I feel like I'm breathing cool, clean air once again. Thanks for your encouragement and support! "

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491. The Savio Family recruits help for their AC install:

"Dad was recruited to help replace our noisy, inefficient, twenty-year-old air conditioning compressor. My father has been retired for fourteen years, after more than forty-five years in the heating and cooling industry. He quickly disconnected the old unit, then the recruited laborers – my husband and friend – removed it. The pad was inspected, brushed off, and re-leveled, and the Goodman unit was set into place. Fortunately, it passed the close inspection of his well-seasoned and quite critical eye. There may have even been a glimmer of admiration for the quality and technological advances that have developed in the last decade. "

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490. Dale Howard of Dallas, TX installed his own air filter.

"I just wanted to send you a picture of my husband installing our new Alpine filter that he obtained recently through your internet site. He looked all over the Dallas Metroplex, about six stores, trying to find the filter that we needed before he finally ordered one through you. Your service was outstanding, and the cost was considerably lower."

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489. Roy Ott of Ballinger, TX had a new system installed.

"We are very happy with this system. This is what your technicians recommended based on my location, local temperatures, etc. They were right on! We had a chance to use it during the latter part of our colder season and now are going through our hot season. Operation costs for this heat pump system are considerably less. Your representative said the operating cost would be less with this system. I thought he might just be trying to sell a unit, but he knew what he was talking about. Once again, we are very happy with our system and with our dealings with Alpine Home Air. Thanks for everything."

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488. Dr. Ronald Green and his college roommate shows off a new heat pump and air handler.

"I ordered a 2 Ton 12 SEER heat pump with a 2.5 Ton Air Handler and a 7 KW heater. The purchased items were delivered very promptly ... My college roommate and I removed the old HP and air handler and installed the new product with a new thermostat. The new system came up on first try with no leaks or electrical problems. We also installed a sight eye to monitor the moisture and liquid level. The monitor turned green for good moisture level very quickly. This all goes to show that "two retired PhDs" can install these heat pumps and air handlers. I hope to send more business your way with personal referrals."

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487. Stan Urban of Noblesville, In installed his own furnace filter.

"So easy --- even a husband can do it!!!"

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486. Kevin and Rachel Rose of Dayton, OH shows off their new AC.

"Today, the contractor came out and finished our air conditioning installation. It has been an adventure! The enclosed picture is of Rachel and myself - she is a great helper! The contractor who completed our work was very professional (we had a personal recommendation), and was surprised that you could send us a pre-charged condensing unit. I called and asked about that, and was told that is has to do with the amount of freon in the system. Perhaps that is the biggest advantage - your people are more knowledgeable than the HVAC contractors I ran into locally. At any rate, I feel we got a good deal. One reason I went with your company is due to your technical competence, and as an electrical engineer, that is what sold me in the end."

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485. Mark Groff of Las Vegas, NV installed his own thermostat.
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484. Arlan Falk of Flossmoor, IL writes:

"I had a dying furnace in the middle of the Chicago winter so I ordered a kit. They shipped it very quick. I saved thousands. My heating bills lowered that month. Thanks again. "

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483. Jeff Hansen of Boulder, CO replaced his furnace filters.

"I usually get my replacement furnace filters from the local hardware store, but they were out this time so I thought I'd try the Internet. Much to my surprise and delight I discovered your company had the exact same filters available for half the price that the hardware store was charging. The whole ordering process was easy and painless and my order was shipped the same day. A few days later the filters showed up at my door. Great service. You have gained a new customer. "

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482. Arthur Lester of Smithfield, VA installed his own humidifier.

"When I started the installation I did not realize how small a space I had to work in, but as you can see I made the installation with 2" to spare. Since it was an attic installation in a two-story home I had to run water lines as well as drain lines, but the installation after preparation was very simple. I recommend this unit to anyone that is contemplating a home humidifier. It took me a total of 4 hours with all the additional work I had to complete. I made a couple of calls to Alpine Home Air and spoke to David who was a great help for my complicated installation. "

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481. Steven Lang of Lawrenceville, NJ installed his own humidifier.

"It took longer than I anticipated but there it is. Thanks for your fast service and informative website. "

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480. Neil Strain of Woodbury, MN installed his own humidifier.

"With some help from my father, I recently installed an Aprilaire 600 on my furnace. It was a tight fit working around existing duct work and water lines, so this bypass configuration was my only choice. The Alpine installation kit helped simplify things a lot. My family is now enjoying higher humidity in our cold winter climate. "

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479. Floyd Long from Olympia, WA writes:

"Thank your employees for the help I received. I was able to install the condenser and all the wiring. I hired a contractor to remove the old furnace and install the air handler. Everything is working fine. "

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478. Sean Markey from Chalfont, PA writes:

"Alpine Home Air Products: We recently installed our Aprilaire 600 Humidifier ourselves with your installation kit guiding us. It was a huge success. The directions and video were self explanatory and the customer services on a relay return were fantastic. Great products and directions. Thanks!"

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477. Manjeet Kalsi from Monmouth Junction, NJ writes:

"I purchased an Aprilaire 600 from Alpine Home Air Products... I am enclosing the pictures of my installation. With the product and installation kit I purchased from Alpine, installation was a breeze. Everything came out perfect. Thanks for your detailed informational site and customer service."

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476. Jim Flaherty from Honeoye Falls, NY installed his own thermostat.
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475. Rizwan Manzoor from Dublin, OH writes:

"I received the Aprilaire 600 Humidifier within a couple of days of my order. The installation took some effort as I had to figure out the furnace connections. The tech support folks returned my call very promptly and I appreciate all the help and advice. "

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474. Andy Turner from Dublin, OH writes:

"Alpine Home Air Products was GREAT to work with. I ordered my Honeywell HE225B on a Wednesday and it was at my house on Friday! I installed it with relative ease on Saturday and slept comfortably that night. Thanks Alpine Home Air Products for such great service. "

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