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4 to 5 Ton Vertical High-Velocity Air Handler, R-410A Refrigerant (Heat Pump Compatible)

4 to 5 Ton Vertical High-Velocity Air Handler, R-410A Refrigerant (Heat Pump Compatible)

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Model: SpacePak ESP-4860V (Obsolete)

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Model: SpacePak ESP-4860V (Obsolete)

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The SpacePak ESP-4860V (Obsolete) is no longer available for sale.

 SpacePak is a high-velocity central air conditioning system which utilizes a conventional outdoor condensing unit  or heat pump matched with the indoor Model ESP-V air handler unit to provide conditioned air through the specially-designed, pre-fabricated, pre-insulated flexible duct system. The system and its basic components operate the same as in any conventional air-to-air cooling system. This model is intended to be installed vertically, and can be located nearly anywhere - attics (fits up through 16"-on center ceiling joist), basements, crawlspaces and garages.

This SpacePak ESP-V Series High-Velocity Air Handler is suitable for use with R-410A refrigerant only. To see which outdoor units are compatible with this air handler, please click on the Accessories tab above.

SpacePak makes it possible to install central cooling and heating in any home or business, regardless of structure design, age, size or type of construction. SpacePak is an air distribution system which uses a principle known as aspiration - as the air stream enters the room, it creates a gentle mixing of air in the room to provide thorough, comfortable draft-free air circulation. SpacePak eliminates stratification with a minimum floor-to-ceiling temperature difference.

Standard Features

  • Corrosion resistant cabinet with baked enamel finish. Fully insulated with 1-1/2" lb. density batt.
  • Six-row copper tube-aluminum fin evaporator coil removes up to 30% more humidity than conventional coil.
  • Blower motor is factory-balanced for vibration-free operation.
  • Primary and secondarydrain connections (3/4" FPT) in durable, polyethylene primary drain pan meet International Mechanical Code 307.2.3.
  • Factory supplied primary condensate drain assembly.
  • Factory-assembled, pre-wired control center with high and low voltage terminal blocks, blower relay and low voltage transformer.
  • Factory-installed anti-frost control and thermal expansion valve. Standard factory-installed primary drain pan float switch. Sweat type suction/liquid line connections.
  • Schrader valve and refigerant lines extend through end of cabinet.
  • Can be installed with a conventional outdoor condensing unit as long as capacity and refrigerant line connections meet SpacePak recommendations.
  • Shipped with Nitrogen holding charge.

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