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The Comfort-Aire VMH09SB-1 has been discontinued.
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Comfort and energy efficiency combine in these attractive wall mount mini-splits. Rated as high as 19.1 SEER, they include all the advantages of advanced inverter technology.

You'll find that your room reaches the preset temperature quickly and that the temperature is constant, without the variations that occur in other types with on-off cycling. Because the units run at “economy” speed most of the time, energy usage is kept to a minimum. However, during weather extremes (or when you have a room full of people), the compressor ramps up automatically to maintain the comfort level.

“V” Series units are exceptionally quiet. Heavy duty compressors in the condensers are not just efficient, but they also reduce noise and vibration. Inside, the balanced fan circulates large volumes of air at minimal noise levels.

Standard Features:

  • Indoor units feature a slim profile with rounded corners and sleek grilles with a subtle metallic look panel
  • Cooling, dehumidification only, and heating in heat pump models
  • Continually adjusts fan speed and air direction for a gentle, breeze-like effect that’s preferred by most people
  • Remote control makes it easy to program and operate the unit
  • Includes electrostatic filter, antifungal filter and deodorizing filter for improved indoor air quality
  • Cooling mode functions even when the outdoor temperature reaches 0°F
  • Defrost control removes any frost accumulation on the coil of heat pumps
  • Auto restart reverts to the last setting following a power failure
  • Heating mode operates at rated capacity from 23-75°F outdoor air temperature

(Note:  These heat pumps wiill not operate in heating mode below 14°F outdoor temperature.)

Complete your system by selecting a line set from the Accessories tab above.  Line sets come in 15, 35 and 50 foot lengths.

A federal energy efficiency tax credit of up to $1,500 is available if this heat pump is placed in service from January 1st, 2009 to December 31st, 2010. The energy tax credit covers 30% of the equipment, installation supplies and labor costs up to $1,500. Take advantage of this limited-time energy tax rebate - act today and don't miss out on these great heat pump rebates!

Total Cooling Capacity BTU

The total amount of cooling delivered by the system. This number is inclusive of all interior air handlers.

Total Cooling Capacity BTU
9200 BTU
Total Cooling Capacity
.75 Ton(s)
Heating Capacity

The amount of heat, rated in BTUs that the item can produce.

Heating Capacity
12000 BTU
Heating Seasonal Performance Factor

A measure of heat pump efficiency while in a heating mode. The higher the number the better the energy efficiency.

Heating Seasonal Performance Factor
9.5 HSPF

Inside air conditioning systems are liquid/gas refrigerant. There are two types of this refrigerant available for use, R-22 (more commonly known as Freon), and a newer alternative R-410A.

An air conditioning system does not consume refrigerant, but reuses it. As long as there are no leaks in the refrigerant circuit, there is no need to ever add more refrigerant to an air conditioning system.

Although R-22 is an effective refrigerant, if it is released into the atmosphere it can contribute to the depletion of the Earth’s ozone layer. The EPA has mandated the phasing out the use of R-22. It is being replaced by R-410A.

As of 2010, manufacturers are required to make all new air conditioners with R-410A. However, R-22 is still available for sale in existing pre-2010-manufactured equipment, and for use in servicing existing R-22 equipment. By 2020, R-22 will no longer be manufactured, but will still be recycled and available for sale.

Moisture Removal

The amount of water that can be removed from the air rated in pints per hour.

Moisture Removal
3.2 Pts/Hr
Maximum Fuse/Breaker

The maximum capacity breaker that the unit can be connected to (This is the best option for consistent performance)

Maximum Fuse/Breaker
15 Amps
Maximum Line Length

The maximum length of line set approved for use with this product.

Maximum Line Length
49 Feet
Maximum Height Difference

The maximum vertical distance between the condensing unit and the air handler.

Maximum Height Difference
25 Feet
Line Set Connection Type

There are two main types of connections for HVAC products brazed and flared. Brazed connections are typically used in standard split systems, and flare connections are typically used on mini splits and can be connected using a wrench.

Line Set Connection Type
Liquid Line Connection Size

The outside diameter of the liquid line pipe (the inside diameter of the connection on the equipment).

Liquid Line Connection Size
1/4 Inches
Suction Line Connection Size

The outside diameter of the suction line (the inside diameter of the connection on the equipment).

Suction Line Connection Size
3/8 Inches
Indoor Section Size, W x H x D
35 1/4 x 11 1/8 x 6 1/2 Inches
Outdoor Section Size, W x H x D
30 1/3 x 21 1/3 x 9 3/5 Inches
Indoor Section Weight
17.6 Lbs
Outdoor Section Weight
77.2 Lbs
208 / 230 Volts
Compressor Warranty
6 Years
Parts Warranty
2 Years

These accessories will ship for free if purchased at the same time as the Comfort-Aire VMH09SB-1.

Diversitech 230-B
DiversiTech 230-B3L

Wall Bracket with Easy-Fit™ for Ductless Mini-Split Condensers, 150 lbs Weight Capacity

$93.99 Qty:
Diversitech 230-MB
DiversiTech 230-MB14CW

(2-Pack) 14" Mounting Blocks with End Caps for Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Condensers

$19.99 Qty:
Diversitech 230-MB
DiversiTech 230-MB14W

(2-Pack)14" Mounting Blocks for Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Condensers

$13.99 Qty:
Diversitech 230-MBCW
DiversiTech 230-MBCW

(4-Pack) End Caps for DiversiTech 230-MB Mounting Blocks

$6.99 Qty:
Diversitech Mini-Split Condenser Pad
DiversiTech EL1838-3

E-Lite 18" x 38" x 3" Mini-Split Condenser Pad

$33.99 Qty:
Tjernlund AS1

75 CFM Room-to-Room Ventilator, 120 VAC Hardwired

$134.99 Qty:
Tjernlund AS1P

75 CFM Room-to-Room Ventilator, 120 VAC Plug-in

$189.99 Qty:
DiversiTech EDS-60U
Alpine AG-DCT

Safety Non-Fused Electrical Disconnect

$12.99 Qty:
Electrical Whip 4
Alpine AG-WHP10

1/2 x 48 Inches, #10 Gauge Electrical Whip

$17.99 Qty:
Hitachi LS143814-15 Line Set
Alpine 40680150B3B6

15 Foot 3/8 SL 1/4 LL Ductless Mini-Split Line Set

$99.99 Qty:
Hitachi LS143814-15 Line Set
Alpine 40680250B3B6

25 Foot 3/8 SL 1/4 LL Ductless Mini-Split Line Set

$107.99 Qty:
Hitachi LS143814-15 Line Set
Alpine 40680350B3B6

35 Foot 3/8 SL 1/4 LL Ductless Mini-Split Line Set

$126.99 Qty:
Hitachi LS143814-15 Line Set
Alpine 40680500B3B6

50 Foot 3/8 SL 1/4 LL Ductless Mini-Split Line Set

$167.99 Qty:

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