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Pro Installation

Licensed, professional heating and air conditioning contractors are available in your area to perform quality installation services. Once your order is placed, we will mail out a description of your project to multiple local contractors and request that they contact you to bid on your project. We'll ask them to prepare a customized installation quote for you based on your products and installation needs.

We'll locate a professional contractor to:

  • Do a full and complete home product installation.
  • Assist with part or all of your equipment installation.
  • Inspect and start up equipment after you've installed it.

How it Works

Place Your Product Order with Alpine
  • Prior to checkout, you will have the opportunity to answer a few quick questions to let us know what work you would like a contractor to do for you.
  • Once your order is placed, your products will be shipped to you directly from our 50,000+ square foot warehouse.
We'll Contact Local Contractors
  • Once your order is placed, we will mail out a description of your project to multiple local contractors and request that they contact you to bid on your project.
  • We will email you a list of recommended contractors along with their customer ratings to help you make an informed decision.
  • You will typically be contacted by 2-3 interested contractors who can schedule a visit to provide you a free, no-obligation installation quote.
You Choose the Right Contractor
  • Choose the contractor and quote you like the best.
  • Scheduling and payment arrangements will be made between yourself and the contractor.
We'll find contractors near you
  • Newcastle HVAC

    458 Decker Hills Rd
    Chicago, IL 60641
    (555) 593 2950

  • Henry Cooper

    1539 N County Ave
    Chicago, IL 60521
    (555) 626 6772

  • Tim Harrison Sr.

    5188 Wabash Ct.
    Chicago, IL 60468
    (555) 825 9827


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Alpine Home Air Products does not endorse or guarantee any contractor services. You must use your own judgement in selecting a contractor. Alpine Home Air Products cannot be held liable for any problems you may experience with a contractor.

If you choose to use the services of a contractor, it is without warranties of any kind by Alpine Home Air Products, expressed, implied or otherwise. Contractors do not act on behalf of Alpine Home Air Products as agents, employees, partners or otherwise.

Alpine Home Air Products assumes no responsibility for ensuring that contractors are properly licensed, qualified, bonded or insured. You must check references and confirm qualifications with your local licensing or business organizations. Alpine Home Air Products is not a party to transactions entered into between you and the contractor.

Or Find a Contractor Yourself

Professional Installation made easy.

Alpine Home Air Products brings you the ability to find highly rated local contractors at the speed and convenience you need. Utilizing Yelp's search engine, you can find the best heating and cooling professionals in your area today. Just enter your zip code, neighborhood, city or state, and we'll do the rest.

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21730 Red Rum Dr
Ste 182
Ashburn, VA 20147

(571) 421-2821

21730 Red Rum Dr
Ste 182
Ashburn, VA 20147

(571) 291-3338

43804 Sunset Ter
Ashburn, VA 20147

(571) 223-9989

Sterling, VA 20166

(703) 755-0680

100 Executive Dr
Unit 5
Sterling, VA 20166

(703) 471-0451

101-A Executive Dr
Ste 200
Sterling, VA 20166

(703) 628-8200

155 Magnolia Rd
Sterling, VA 20164

(703) 430-4019

22875 Bryant Ct
Ste 200
Sterling, VA 20166

(703) 481-3700

45710 Oakbrook Ct
Ste 140
Sterling, VA 20166

(703) 214-9600

45681 Oakbrook Ct
Ste 101
Sterling, VA 20166

(703) 450-6300