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With the Honeywell W8735D Telephone Access Module (TAM), you can dial-in to your home number and listen to voice messages concerning the status of your home comfort equipment, such as the indoor temperature setting, outdoor temperature, and indoor humidity level as well as alert messages. You can also change the thermostat setting(s) for heating and cooling remotely by phone. With this product, you'll never have to worry if your home equipment is working while you are away on vacation. And right before you come home, you can adjust the temperature to be comfortable for you upon your arrival. The W8735D provides remote telephone access for up to four EnviraCOM independent channels. The W8735D can be programmed to alert the homeowner and/or an optional service contractor of abnormal conditions or lockouts. Up to three different dial-out numbers can be entered in order to insure alerts are well communicated. Battery back-up enables the W8735D to let the homeowner know the power is out at the monitored location (optional 9V battery not included). The W8735D can share a telephone line with most answering machines and voice mail systems. The W8735D can be prompted to pick up a call to gain access to the HVAC system before the answering machine or voice mail are enabled. Additionally, the W8735D is equipped with an emergency telephone line disconnect feature activated when another receiver in the premise is picked up while the W8735D is connected. Full access to the W8735D is given when the complete pass code is entered when prompted. Limited access is given to contractors when the last five digits of the programmed contractor telephone number is entered as the pass code. Contractor access is limited to the W8735D Alert History. The W8735D Telephone Access Module (TAM) provides remote telephone access to the HVAC system when used with an EnviraCOM™ enabled thermostat such as the VisionPRO IAQ TH9421C1004 , VisionPro IAQ YTH9421C1002 , and the FocusPRO TH5320C1002 and T8635L 1013 Chronotherm™ thermostat. These thermostats are used with one or more of the following controls: a Honeywell EnviraZone Networked Zoning Panel or W8703 Damper Interface Modules . The W8735D also communicates with R7184P and U oil primary controls and L7224U Aquastat ®, remote temperature sensors as well as any other EnviraCOM enabled controls to communicate current status and alert information.


  • Supports up to four independent EnviraCOM channels for a maximum of 36 zones per W8735D (9 zones per channel when using zone panels. The W8735D1009 has two channels, and the W8735D 1017 has four channels.)
  • Use with the VisionPRO IAQ TH9421C1004 Total Home Comfort System and Networked EnviraZone Zononing Panels for zoned systems.
  • Use with VisionPro IAQ YTH9421C1002 for single zone applications.
  • Use with FocusPRO TH5320C1002 EnviraCOM thermostat for zoning applications.
  • Compatible with the T8635L Microelectronic Communicating Programmable Thermostat, W8835A EnviraZone panel, or W8635A and W8635B Equipment Interface Modules.
  • Use with any EnviraCOM generating products like R7184U Oil Primary and L7224U Aquastat™ controls.
  • Provides remote telephone access to check or change thermostat settings (i.e. heat, cool, auto, or off).
  • Provides remote telephone access to check current indoor and outdoor temperatures and indoor humidity.(Humidity shown only if the VisionPRO IAQ TH9421C1004 is used.)
  • Reports alert messages on high or low indoor/outdoor temperature, high or low humidity, low battery, auxiliary input sensor tripped, pass code change, air filter change required, system alerts, and power outage.
  • Prioritize alerts to specify the time of day that the TAM will dial-out.
  • Emergency drop call feature.
  • Up to three telephone numbers can be programmed for alert messaging.
  • Auxiliary sensor input for use with an optional N.C. sensor contact.
  • Auxiliary output for local alert enunciation.

Product Image
Honeywell TH5320C1002

Universal FocusPRO Communicating Thermostat - Three Stage Heat Two Stage Cool, for Use with Honeywell EnviraZone Networked Zoning Systems

$47.99 Qty:
Product Image
Honeywell W8703A1003

EnviraCOM Damper Interface Module for Honeywell EnviraZone Networked Zoning Systems (Adds 3 Zones)

$174.99 Qty:
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