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SpacePak AC-EPAK-20G

20 Kilowatt Heater Coil (68,200 BTUs of Heat) for 4 to 5 Ton SpacePak Air Handlers


This 240 volt heater coil can be added to a horizontal SpacePak high-velocity air handler to provide winter-time heating capabilities.

These electric heating coils have been specifically designed to provide a heating option for horizontal SpacePak high-velocity air handlers. They are easy to install in both new and existing installations and fit directly inside horizontal SpacePak air handlers. Equipped with an internal modulating feature, heat discharge temperatures are sensed and can be controlled regardless of the load condition. The heater design eliminates the need for external regulating devices such as a multi-stage and / or outdoor thermostat.

Produces 68,200 BTUs of heat and works with following SpacePak High-Velocity Air Handlers

  • ESP-4860EH4

High quality Materials and Components

  • Grade A Nichrome resistance wire (80% nickel, 20% chromium)
  • Coils are machine crimped into stainless steel terminals
  • High-temperature ceramic terminal and coil support insulators
  • Heater frame constructed of heavy gauge corrosion-resistant steel

Standard Electric Heater Coil Features

  • Installs directly into air handler- does not require any ductwork configuration or assembly
  • Modulating heat
  • Duct sensor located in the air stream monitors discharge temperature
  • Solid State power controllers
  • ETL Listed for zero clearance to combustibles
  • Includes both automatic and manual reset thermal cutouts
  • Can be used in conjunction with heat pumps
  • Preset modulating output to maintain maximum discharge air temperature regardless of load conditions
  • 24V control wiring
  • Fail safe circuitry- all controls de-energize the heater which prevents runaway overheating conditions

For more information, visit www.SpacePak.com.

Heating Output @ 240 Volts

The amount of heat, rated in BTUs, that the heater can deliver into your space while using a 240 volts power source.

Heating Output @ 240 Volts
68200 BTU
Nominal Air Flow
1150 cfm
Minimum Air Flow
920 cfm
Kilowatt Rating @ 240 VAC

The capacity of the heater measured in kilowatts while using a 240 volt power source.

Kilowatt Rating @ 240 VAC
20 KW
Maximum Breaker Size @ 240 VAC
120 Amps
Shipping Weight
43 lbs
49 Inches
208 / 230 / 240 Volts

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